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Craig Mattoli in Qingdao, China


Craig Mattoli

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Mr. Mattoli began his career as a quantum physicist.  After physics grad school, he was a dual fellow at New York University’s Stern School of business where he received an MBA in Finance.  From there, he went to Wall Street and worked in economics and equities research at Dean Witter Reynolds before going on to manage proprietary and partnership capital in risk arbitrage. He was a senior portfolio manager and partner at several arbitrage boutiques, managing hundreds of million of dollars.  Having collected and traded in 18th and 19th century art and antiques throughout his career on Wall Street, he bought an 18th century estate, in the late 1980's, furnished it with his art and antique collection, and turned it into an internationally-recognized country inn.  Having sold the inn, in 2000, he has continued his businesses in art and antiques and financial consulting and has also been teaching finance and economics at universities.  From his lectures, he has put together a comprehensive textbook about investing, which is being prepared for publication.  Recognizing the multitude of arbitrage opportunities, fueled by the much undervalued Yuan, he moved to China, several years ago, and has set up a company to offer financial and business consulting in the Chinese markets, and he has begun an operation, Leona Craig Art, for trading in Chinese art and other fine items. Email: clm@clmattioli.com






Ayu Chen


Ayu comes from an entrepreneurial family, so she has been exposed to Chinese business dealings all her life.  She grew up in Shenzhen, a city with a lot of exposure to the West, as it is right next door to Hong Kong, and she has a degree, in business, from a Western university.  Ayu has helped in establishing our operations in China, and we consider her a tremendous asset to our continuing operation and growth.  She not only has good business instincts and a personable nature, but she is also fluent in English, as well as three Chinese dialects, including Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shantonese, which is the most important language in Shenzhen.  Ayu is our key liaison with Chinese suppliers and networks.  She helps find items for our customers at Red Hill Trading and information for In Country: China, as well as helping with the Chinese side of our Leona Craig Art business.  Indeed, she is our chief information officer and is also in charge of our management information systems.  She will work hard to get you exactly what you want, in China. Email: ayu@redhillcina.com






Ngwana Forgwe


Coming from a country where both French and English are the official languages, Cameroon, Mr. Forgwe is a natural linguist.  After going to college in the natural sciences, he decided to go into business for himself, trading various goods: he is a natural arbitrageur.  I have known him since I came to China, as we taught at the same college.  Over the past several years, N, as he likes to called, has been in business for himself, again, bridging the gap between Western buyers and Eastern suppliers, and he has necessarily become quite fluent in Chinese.  He has brokered deals from small orders of suits for a boutique to container-loads of goods for large buyers.  We are pleased to have him join up with us, in our ventures, and we know that his general knowledge of trading businesses and his in-country experience, straddling both sides of the fence on his own, here in China, will fortify our business and will help us bring you excellent service, whatever your needs.



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