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Craig Mattoli portrait by Li Jin Ming


Craig Mattoli

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Mr. Mattoli began his career as a quantum physicist.  After physics grad school, he was a dual fellow at New York University’s Stern School of business, which has been rated as the number one business school in the world, where he received an MBA in Finance.  From there, he went to Wall Street and worked in economics and equities research at Dean Witter Reynolds before going on to manage proprietary and partnership capital in risk arbitrage. He was a senior portfolio manager and partner at several arbitrage boutiques, managing hundreds of million of dollars.  Having collected and traded in 18th, 19th, and 20th century art and antiques throughout his career on Wall Street, he bought an 18th century estate, in the late 1980's, furnished it with his art and antique collection, and turned it into an internationally-recognized country inn, which was one of the first so-called art inns.  After selling the inn, in 2000, he has continued his businesses in art and antiques and in financial consulting, and he has also been teaching finance, economics and physics at universities.  From his lectures in finance, and from his extensive experience in investing, he has put together a comprehensive textbook about investing, which is being prepared for publication.  Recognizing the multitude of arbitrage opportunities, fueled by the much undervalued Yuan, he moved to China, several years ago, and has set up a company to offer financial and business consulting in the Chinese export and financial markets and has begun an operation for trading in Chinese art and other artistic Chinese wares. He is the CEO of Red Hill Capital, Delaware, and is in charge of selection of the items in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, worldwide.  He is also in charge of operations outside of China.  His main focus, currently, is on developing the Leona Craig on-line catalogue of art and artistically-made items from China because he believes that the art markets are the most inefficient and undervalued markets, in China, today.  He also recently opened LC Art Gallery, in Guangzhou, which has been in the forefront of contemporary Chinese oil painting from its birth, in the early 1900's...more.

Email: clm@leonacraig.com


Ayu Chen of Leona Craig Art

Ayu Chen

Ayu can come across as a cute little girl, but beware: she is a shark when it comes to business.  Growing up in Shenzhen, when Shenzhen, the mainland sister city of Hong Kong, was just changing from a small fishing village into a major metropolis and port city, in a family that would develop a major business, she understands business.  Then, she got a degree in business from a foreign university, and for the past several years she has been my protégé.  She is the CIO of Red Hill Capital and director of Leona Craig Art Gallery, in Guangzhou, China.  She speaks English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Shantonese.  She is a valuable asset of our organization, and she is pleasing to deal with. Email: ayu@redhillchina.com


Yiling Jiang

Yiling Jiang

Yiling is the youngest of our associates.  She is still in high school, so, she works as a part-time intern.  She speaks Chinese, Cantonese, and English, and she is a student at one of Guangzhou's best schools, which is also located in our neighborhood.  She comes from a town with cultural roots into modern Chinese art: Heshan, the home of artist, Li Tie Fu, part of the first generation of modern Chinese artists, and her father works in the culture industry.




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