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In Country Photo Gallery

Being in country, we also want to share with you some of the scenes of daily life, in China.  Not just dramatic pictures of beautiful scenery from China, our photo gallery is meant to give you a feel for the wonder and variety that are part of everyday life, in different parts of China.  We hope that they will help you appreciate China, even more.


Zengcheng Houseboats

Liuhua Park, Guangzhou

Hong Kong Island North road

Wangfujin, Beijing

Front entrance Forbidden City, Beijing

Guangzhou center city

kids at Chinese wedding

By the Art Museum, Guangzhou

Chinese New Year Offering

The Newspaper Wall, China

Forbidden City Tower, Beijing

Haushan, Xian, China

Old Guangzhou

Hong Kong

Luhu Park, Canton, China

Xichong, China view

Old Beijing

Guangzhou Christmas

Shamian Island, Canton, China

Ersha Dao, Guangzhou, China

Old Church in Beijing

Fishing in Luhu park, Guangzhou

Jinlong, China

Houseboats in Zengcheng, china

Foreign Chinese village, Guangzhou

Zengcheng College, China

Jianshe Street, Guangzhou, China

Baiyun Mountain, Guangzhou, China

Foreign Chinese Village

Foreign Chinese Village Entrance

Old Guangzhou houses

Qingyuan, China

Beijing backstreet

Shamian Island, Guangzhou

seafood restaurant in Guangzhou

South Guangzhou

Beijing door

Shamian Island

Beijing view from Hotel

Hong Kong Island

Luhu Park Teahouse

Forbidden City rear

Shamian house

Qingdao, China


Hainan Island, China

Hainan cafe

Lieshi Park entrance

Guangzhou construction

Craig Mattoli in Dapeng

Shenzhen: view from hotel

Qingdao fishermen

Princess House, Qingdao

Dapeng oldtown

Tower in Guangzhou

Dapeng, china

hand carriage in Dapeng, China

Dapeng Walled City

Miao minority girl

Corn barns in old Dapeng, China



Relief in Dapeng


rice paddies

Ayu in Qingdao

Pond in Lieshi Park, Guangzhou

Jinlong, China

Sichuan rice paddies

Famous Macau church facade

Old Macau

Ayu in Macau

View from old fort, Macau

Macau fort

Guangzhou tower

Temple in Guangzhou

Buddhist Monk

Guangzhou temple

Nine level tower

Xian wall view

Ayu and terra cotta warriors

Xian Wall walk

Terra cotta army

Ayu on Xian Wall

Drum Tower Xian

At Xian's Wall

terra cotta army guard

Xian Wall walkway

downtown Xian

Xian tower

draogon relief in Xian

Guangzhou park

Xian art street

Xian center

Ayu in Xian

Xian art street

Xian drum tower

Xian mote

Xian art center

Zhuhai, China

Desert island off Zhuhai, China

Zhuhai beach

Zhuhai hotel

Zhuhai secret beach

Across the street from LC Gallery

Ayu and the Lotus pond

Craig and Ayu in Macau

Craig Mattoli and artist, Li Jin ming

Dongshan house

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