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Finance and Economics Course Materials


On this page, you will find downloadable lecture notes from some course that C. L. Mattoli has taught at universities.

Introduction to Economics: University of Southern Queensland/South China Normal University; Textbook: Economics for Today 2nd Ed., (Thomson: Melbourne, 2005)

Lecture Notes

Lecture O: Overview Lecture 1: Intro to Micro: the PPF, CA, and Int'l Trade Lecture 2: Demand, Supply & Markets Lecture 3: Market Equilibrium,  Dynamics & Failure
Lecture 4: Elasticity of Supply & Demand Lecture 5: Production Cost Analysis Lecture 6: Perfect Competition Lecture 7: Intro to Macro: National Accounting
Lecture 8: More Macro Analysis: Growth Lecture 9: Macro-Economic Modeling Lecture 10: Money and its  Supply and Demand Lecture 11: Monetary Policy
Lecture 12: Fiscal Policy Review Lecture Practice Exam
Supplementary Materials


Elasticity_Example Production_Excel Perfect_Competition


Introduction to Corporate Finance:   The book for the course is: Essentials of Corporate Finance by Ross, Trayler, Bird, Westerfield, and Jordan (McGraw-Hill: Australia, 2008)
Lecture 1: Intro to Finance Lecture 2: Finacial Statement Analysis Lecture 3: Financial Math, Time Value;  Part1    Part2 Lecture 4: Securities Valuation & Markets
Mod 5: Capital Budgeting;         Part1   Part2 Mod 6:  Return & Risk; Part1   Part2 Mod 7: COC Lecture 8: Capital Structure
Lecture 9: Dividends & Policies Lecture 10: LT & ST Financing Review Lecture  
Supplementary Materials
NPV_Analysis_Excel Think_Incrementally CF Example Example ATCF
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