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Investing in the Real World:


C. L. Mattoli, Red Hill Capital 

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Textbook update 5-12-09

Sorry about the delay, but I caught up in rewriting the chapter about mathematical finace.  In 1975, Black and Scholes walked from the business department, at MIT, to the physics department to find out what the solution was to the hedging equation they had come up with for options.  In 1978, I wrote my thesis, A Generalized Stochastic Approach to Investment Analysis, while at NYU's Stern School of Business, based on my knowledge of the mathematics and analogies of arbitrage and investing with quantum field theory.  Turns out that since that time, there has been a lot of other work in the field that I want to include correctly, especially since much of it also has its roots in quantum field theory.  Be patient.

About the Author

Mr. Mattoli was a quantum physicist in the 1970ís.  While working on his PhD in mathematical physics and as a psychology research assistant at Duke University, he became interested in the concept of arbitrage.  He branched out from physics, in the late 1970ís, to attend New York Universityís Graduate School of Business as the Marcus D. Nadler and Mortgage Bankersí Association fellows.   

After graduation, he began a career on Wall Street as an equities and economic researcher at Dean Witter Reynolds, where he eventually moved on to become the head of research in the merger arbitrage department.  He was a senior portfolio manager and partner at several arbitrage firms into the early 1990ís.  Since that time, he has managed his own businesses including: arbitrage and trading in art and antiques.  In addition, in the 1990's, he purchased an historic Pre-Revolutionary War farm and  transformed it into an internationally-recognized country inn and cooking school, Auldridge Mead.  The property appeared on the covers of major magazines around the world, including Country Living and Vogue.  It was the place that famous fashion photographer, Steven Meisel, photographed the love story of supermodel Linda Evangelista and actor Kyle McLaughlin for Vogue Magazine (Cover shot and story) at the inn, and John Heinz of the Heinz Ketchup family had his wedding, there.  No, George Washington did not stay there, but John Kerry, almost a president, did.  The inn was included in the book: "The Best of Everything.," in 2000.  The property and art and antique collection were sold to the head of Rodale Press in 2000.  Mr. Mattoli has been included in "Who's Who in Finance," in the 1980's and 1990's.  In 2003, he returned to higher education and has been teaching investment and financial management, economics, and physics.  The textbook is a product of his long career in business and was developed from his lectures about investment and portfolio management and other financial and economics topics at Dickinson College and South China Normal University  

The text is currently in being reviewed.  You can view the table of contents and the index at this link: Contents  If you would like to obtain a pre-publication copy, you can inquire about ordering at clm@clmattioli.com .  The pre-publication price is $250.

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