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Nude, painting by Xu Zhao Qian 803. Nude, original oil panting by Xu Zhao Qian

Many Chinese painters paint nudes, and it is my theory that much of both the supply and the demand result from the fact that China is only entering its sexual revolution, at present.

In fact, although we like the idea of nude, too often the nudes from Chinese artists are to lascivious to be tasteful.  Therefore we are always happy to see a gentle rendition of the subject by artists, who have done only a few nudes and who have done them just to try their hand at a new topic.
  $3,500   30x40cm  
Peonies, oil painting by Xu Zhao Qian 721. Red Peonies (large), original oil painting by Xu Zhao Qian

Every red-blooded Chinese artists has to make a few peony paintings, as the red peony is the Chinese national flower.
  $6,000   60x60cm  
Yellow Flowers in pot, painting by Xu Zhao Qian   Yellow Flowers in Pot, watercolor by Xu Zhao Qian   $2,100   37x41cm  
Ancient Forest, painting by Xu Zhao Qian   Ancient Forest, original oil painting by Xu zhao Qian (2012)

Trees are actually the oldest living things on our planet, today, with ages reaching over 4,000 years.  Even in our neighborhood of Old Dongshan, in Guangzhou, we have many old trees that are at least several hundred years old.  It is trees and plants, in fact, that made it possible for animals to populate the planet, so, it is appropriate that we celebrate trees, in art. 

Xu tells us that it took him seven months to complete the detailed work in this painting.  The branch work stretches out in minute detail, and the cows only serve as a reference to show the enormity of the large trees.  The grasses and shrubs in the foreground are also done with great detail.  The sole human figure serves to show how small a part man is in our earthly environment.
  $64,000   155x180cm  
Spring Wind by Xu Zhao Qian   Spring Wind: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian) (2004)

Chinese men like paintings of youngish Chinese girls, so, many artists paint those portraits.  Few, however, paint more mature women, like Xu has done in this one.  I liked it immediately when I saw it.  The muted colors reminded me of the colors of the Neo-Impressionists' palette, and the way that the mountains in the background were done reminded me of paintings by Cezanne.

In the mountains, in springtime with a flock of geese flying in the background, pulling up her hair to feel the cool breeze on her neck, it is the portrait of a real woman.  The colors are muted but pretty, just as her beauty is subtle, and Xu has done a nice job on the folds of her clothing as well as on the muscles and bones of her neckline.  It is the portrait of a woman enjoying the simple sensuality of a cool breeze blowing through the mountains of China.

Originally painted in 2004, Xu actually revised this painting a number of times, until we recently purchased it.  He told me that he was unsatisfied with the way that it was originally done.  We actually saw pictures of it included in a book from the past, and the woman had a much more haughty look, and there were no mountains or flying geese.  We like the final version, much better.  It will be included in an upcoming book of Xu's work that is being printed by Beijing.

It is a wonderful and refreshing picture of Spring.

  sold   50x60cm  
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