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Gazing by Zhao Qian Xu 708. Gazing: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (2008)

This painting is done in the more abstract style that Xu has been employing, lately, wherein colors are blended, slightly, through the objects and backgrounds, giving it an almost cubist effect.  It is simply a painting of Zang minority girls, sitting, and gazing at their beautiful surroundings on the Tibetan Plateau.

Zhao Qian Xu is a fine artist whose value, in our opinion, has not yet been realized.  He has exceptional technical skills and, in addition, creativity, in his execution.  Furthermore, we love scenes from the lives of the Chinese minority peoples, in general, as they show true slices of life from today's China.  This one is especially wonderful with Xu's special ethereal touches.

$52,500 160x140cm
red flowers by Xu Zhao Qian 722. Red Flowers, original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (2008)

Xu concentrated on flower paintings, back a few years ago.  I particularly liked this one, not only because it was an oil painting, while most of them are watercolors, but also because of the intense colors and the unusual setting.  In this painting, the flowers are in a vase on a table, on a typical South China apartment balcony with a cityscape, in the background.  When I asked Zhao Qian Xu what kind of flowers these were, he told me that they were just from his imagination.

It is beautiful and bright, and we love the setting.
  $6,000   50x60cm  
Red Mountain Town by Zhao Qian Xu 723. Red Mountain Town: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (2008)

Working for the Culture department, Zhao Qian Xu gets to travel and paint at varied locations, around the world.  In 2008, he did a series of paintings from Tibet, which this painting is from.  We loved the intense red dominating the painting with the patches of green, in the foreground. 

It is a small mountain town, and two riders on horses are shown, on the left, riding into town.  We also enjoy that it is in the more abstract style that Xu has taken on recently.
  $17,000   110x90cm  
Old barnyard, painting by Xu Zhao Qian 185. Old Barnyard: original oil on painting canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (1996)

This painting of an old barnyard appeals to me on several levels.  I grew up in the Pennsylvania Dutch area where scenes like this are typical: there was even an old farm next to my grade school, and we would play in the cornfields, on the way home.  Then, in the 1990's, I restored an 18th century farm and turned it into an art inn, and in the art collection that I had at the inn, I had a 19th century painting of a barnyard scene from England, much like this one.  The point is that this scene, if not for a closer look at the little boy with the tufted Chinese haircut and the hump-backed bull, could be anywhere in the world, and it reminds us of the simpler life that existed years ago and that still exists, in some places, even today, from China to Europe to America.  What's more, we are all attracted to that simpler life, and we are reassured by its existence. 

The focus of light, in the center of the painting, is reminiscent of the Dutch School, and it is a precursor of the more recent paintings that Xu has done of the Zang minority from Tibet.  In this painting, Zhao Qian Xu has created a timeless piece that transcends borders and boundaries, and, even though, the scene is confined to a small area, it takes our minds to so many more places both within and without. 

  sold   80x100  
The Fortress by Zhao Qian Xu 724. The Fortress, original oil painting on canvas by Xu Zhao Qian (2008)

Tibet is famous for its fortresses and monasteries.  When you are isolated, in the high Himalayas, you have to protect yourself and be a self-sufficient world unto yourself.

This is one of a series of paintings that Xu painted in Tibet, a dew years back.  In them, he uses the more abstract approach that he has come to prefer, although he complains that the local buyers have difficulty understanding anything but clear, precise painting.

In this scene is shown a fortress with the typical prayer flags flying in the wind.  Two monks are seen passing by: one walking and one on horseback; the mountains rising in the background.

The colors are bright and wonderful in this typical scene from modern Tibet.

  $17,000   100x100cm  
Reclining, painting by Xu Zhao Qian 797. Reclining, original oil painting by Xu Zhao Qian

The colors in this painting are very beautiful and soothing.  It makes you want to relax, just like the subject of the painting.
  $11,000   70x60cm  
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