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Sounds of Silence by Zhao Qian Xu 709. Sounds of Silence, pastel chalk on grit paper by Zhao Qian Xu (2005)

When I look at this beautiful work of art, I am reminded of two artists: Da Vinci and Degas.  Degas was a master of pastels, and it takes a master to create such beautiful detail using pastel chalks.  On the other hand, the pose and the straight face remind me of the Mona Lisa, so, I guess this would be Xu's response to the Mona Lisa with a contemporary background.

It is a truly wonderful piece.
  $11,000   107x60cm  
White Cloud, painting by Zhao Qian Xu 699. White Cloud: original oil on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (1998)

This painting of an older Yao minority man and young boy is from a series of paintings that Xu did in Lianzhou, in the north of Guangdong.

Zhao Qian Xu has a breadth of style that stretches from the very precise, realistic to the abstract.  In fact, he says that he enjoys painting in more abstract, less realistic styles because it allows him more freedom to create.  We tend to like his abstract works, as well as the realistic, and everything in between.

It is slightly on the impressionistic side of realism with bold brushstrokes making up the faces, defining the old man's high cheekbones, yet, more delicate strokes show individual hairs of the old man's beard and crows feet around his eyes.  Moreover, paintings of the minorities people of China show the real China, as those of us who live here know it, as opposed to the China that China presents to the world.  In the minorities, age-old traditions are still preserved, unlike the mainstream traditions, which were lost in the cultural revolution.  The people are unassuming and live simple existences, even wearing traditional dress passed down through the ages.  We believe that paintings that chronicle their lives for us to share are most precious.

  $10,000   80x70cm  
Peonies, painting by Zhao Qian Xu 693. Peonies, original colored ink painting by Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian)

This ink painting is an abstract expression of a combination of Western and traditional Chinese watercolor painting.  The subject is peonies, the national flower of China.  Xu Zhao Qian concentrated on paintings of flowers in the early part of the 2000's, while his latest concentration is studies of old people, one of which recently won him a gold prize.

We have several watercolor paintings of flowers by Zhao Qian Xu, in our collection, but this one stands out because of its pinks and blues: the others are mostly done in yellows and oranges.  We also liked the more abstract presentation of this painting.
  $5,000   60x70cm   
Old Yao Man, painting by Xu Zhao Qian 779. Old Yao Man, original oil painting by Xu Zhao Qian, c. 2000

The loving detail in this painting makes it so much more than a simple portrait.  Actually, it is a later version of a painting that Xu did, while he was still in art school.
  $17,500   71x82cm  
Youth by Zhao Qian Xu 702. Youth: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian) (2004)

In reality, modern Chinese girls love to pose.  You will see them taking photos of each other, everywhere, or even snapping photos of themselves with their cell phones, always in some sort of posed position.  Indeed, this pose, wistful, is of one of the standard repertoire that I have observed, time and again.

That said, it is really a slice of life in modern China, and Xu has captured it so nicely, in this portrait.  While his expertise at realism is demonstrated in his painting of the girl, his sense of composition is shown in the softness of the background, which is also on the ethereal-abstract side, a technique that he prefers.
  $7,500   60x50cm  
Dragon boat flowers by Xu Zhao Qian 701. Dragon Boat Flowers: original watercolor painting by Xu Zhao Qian (2007)   $6,000   78x57cm  
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