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Zhao Qian Xu

Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian, 徐兆前) Bio

Born in 1950, in Guangdong (Canton) Province, Zhao Qian Xu dreamed of being an artist from the time he was a little boy.  However, like many others who came of age during the Cultural Revolution of Mao Zedong, life did not usually work out according to plan, and he ended up working on the docks.  Of course, nothing can destroy the soul of a true artist, and he would paint scenes from the docks during his breaks.  During a stint in the Red Army, one of his commanding officers, noting his ability in art, recommended him for study at the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy, and his life was finally on its proper course.

At the art academy, Xu studied oil, watercolor, and traditional Chinese painting, all of which he views as, simply, tools for expression, in his art, and he, sometimes, mixes techniques of Chinese and Western art, in his paintings.  Although he has the ability to paint very realistic paintings, he tells us that he prefers the freedom and creativity of a more abstract approach, which is not well understood by people in the local market.  All told, he has created about 300 works, so far, and some of his works have been published in a three volume set of books.

We appreciate all of his works, from the realistic to the abstract; we recognize his skill and understanding of art.  Others have recognized it, too.  In that regard, he has won China National art prizes, as well as a gold medal and first prize in Guangdong.  His works have been collected in museums and by collectors in eight countries, around the world, including the U.S., Britain, and Japan.  We currently works at the Guangzhou Art Institute, run by the Guangzhou Ministry of Art and Culture.

You can also read what we wrote about him and his work on the Leona Craig Art Blog.

1983 painting, "The Farm", wins "National Hometown Scenery Painting Exhibition"; won first prize in "The Cultural Creation of Guangzhou Military Region" exhibition.

1985 "Today WINS Tomorrow: Advancing Chinese Youth Art Exhibition", won the encouragement award.

1985 painting, "Beliefs", wins "Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Victory of Art Book of Long Works Exhibition"; works entered into the Museum collection; won third prize at the "Guangdong Fine Arts Exhibition.

1986 assigned to the PLA Art Academy in Beijing after graduation to await transfer to Guangzhou military region workshop.

1989 in "Works on the Wind", powder painting, "The Nameless Alley," wins "VII National Art Exhibition" prize; two works purchased by Shenzhen Art Museum.

1990 redeployed to Guangzhou Art Academy.

1991 his Ming Chun oil painting works were selected for China 's "Four Seasons National Art Exhibition" works get Bronze Award; Japan Ministry of Peony Garden Chinese Art Museum;

1992 oil painting, "The Tranquil Puzzle", wins "Chinese oil painting exhibition", powder painting, "The Quiet", wins "Third National Water Color Powder Painting Exhibition".

1993 painting, "Spring Leisure", wins "Sports Exhibition in Guangdong Province", wins first prize; wins "The Second Session of the National Sports Art Exhibition".

1993 Creative Director and member of Chinese Artists Association, Master of Fine Arts at the national level;
1994 oil painting, "Hero Tree", wins "Second China Oil Painting Exhibition".
1997 oil painting of the built in Humen wins "celebrate Hong Kong's reunification with China art exhibition" second Guangzhou cultural awards works Prize;1998 watercolor painting of the yellow Posies wins "th national exhibition of watercolor gouache";
1999 gouache, of the large flower basket wins "first watercolor painting exhibition in Guangdong Province", won the Gold Award, which was the "ninth national art exhibition", by the Bureau of Guangzhou "award for outstanding contribution to the professionals". Oil painting "the Sentinel" WINS "the ninth national art exhibition"; oil painting of the flower beautiful wins "celebrate Macau's reunification with China art exhibition";
2000 watercolor wins the memories of green "powder th national watercolor exhibition" won outstanding awards;
2002 powder painting ancient lane left rhyme under WINS "VI session national watercolor powder exhibition", works won copper award, and WINS in Switzerland Berne, Zurich exhibited of China painting boutique exhibition under, red plum under one watercolors wins "Guangdong Province second session watercolors exhibition" works won silver; red plum under of II watercolors wins "China watercolors sketches boutique exhibition", won excellent award;2003 powder painting of the hope wins "China first powder painting exhibition" China art museum collections; the sunflower watercolors was selected one of "China's first small watercolor exhibition Excellence Award;
2006 the Green memories century watercolor watercolors was selected to China large exhibition;
2008 reform in the era of kindling passion wins the national open 30 anniversary exhibition. Work selected Chinese national art exhibition organized by the Ministry of culture, 6 time national fine arts exhibition Gold Award, fine arts exhibition gold medal and first prize of Guangdong Province.

 Peonies, painting by Zhao Qian Xu White Cloud, painting by Zhao Qian Xu Gazing by Zhao Qian Xu Lighting the Passion by Zhao Qian Xu Spring Wind by Xu Zhao Qian
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