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Zhao Bao Cheng (赵宝呈) Bio

Zhao Baocheng was born, in 1943, in Manchuria. In 1969 graduated from lLuxun Academy of Fine Arts, in painting. He also received a degree in art education, in 1986, from the Liaoning Institute of Education. He has been an associate professor and Deputy Director of the Department of art at Benxi Teachers Training college and professor of art at China Metallurgical College. His works have been selected for the National Fine Arts Exhibition, the China art exhibition and were collected by the National Art Museum of China.

 Fragrant Wild Flowers by Zhao Bao Cheng Reclining Nude by Zhao Bao Cheng Manchu Minority Dance by Zhao Bao Cheng Sitting Nude by Cheng Bao Zhao
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