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Number 20080925, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang 871. Natural Number 20080925, original mixed media painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2008)

The universe is deep, and the earth is wide.  Human civilization becomes brighter and brighter, as a natural progression.  At 21:10 on 2008.09.25, the Shenzhou 7 lifted off on a voyage to space, and the people of China were filled with pride.  However, in the scheme of things, it was only a natural point along the path of human evolution [apparently China doesn't know that Russia and the US have been doing it for half a century], and a miniscule node in the space-time continuum.

The work shows the universe with starts and nebulae, the earth, and a grid of space-time overlaid upon them with 21:10 marked by a red circled X.  The spacecraft is in the lower portion with stylized little men above it.

Zhang's use of numbers in some of his works bridges the ancient Chinese fascination with numbers and our modern digital world.

We thought that it was a fun and thoughtful piece.
  $17,500   100x200cm  
China by numbers settle down, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang   China by the Numbers - Settle Down, original oil painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2008)

Under the deep blue sky, there are many people who live comfortable material existences.  Both the truth is that most of them live, also, with heavy immaterial burdens: the burdens of conscience.  The famous ancient Chinese poet once wrote: "If I had mansions covering ten thousand square miles, I'd house all the poor scholars, and make them beam with smiles.  In wind and rain these mansions would stand like mountains high."  Will his dream be realized some day?
  $34,000   200x200cm  
Sentient Beings no.11, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang   Sentient Beings no. 11, original oil painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2010)

Who, who, who?  No matter who you are. Uptight or fun? Stay or Leave?  Who cares?  We all lead an ethereal and ephemeral existence.
  $12,000   158x88cm  
Number 20091111, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang   Natural Number 20091111, original mixed media painting by Zhang Zhejiang (2009)

Very naturally, we think that we are in control of our own destinies.  However, there is much that we cannot see and much we don not know.  That day, that year, at that moment, Zhang was starring at a certain component on the motherboard of a computer and trying to contemplate the tiny world that existed within it.  Deep, deep, deep down his mind went trying to imagine that world in a macroscopic sense: a macroscopic world with its digital nature.  He saw his existence, digitally, too, as 20091111, the day and month of that year.

  $17,500   100x200cm  
Sentient Beings 9, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang   Sentient Beings no. 9, original oil painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2010)

Ashes to ashes; dust to dust.  You and I are a part of the boundless universe: created from the dust of that universe.  And our lovely voices, our happy faces and our exceptional talent will, one day, again return to dust.

In this painting from his Sentient Being series, he represents sentient beings in the infinite universe in a very abstract manner, many, as just dabs of paint, while sone have slightly discernible faces.

We liked this one for its muted colors and abstract representation.
  $12,000   158x88cm  
Birdie Flew across te sky, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang   A Birdie Flew Across the Sky, composite materials on wood by Zhang Zhn Jiang (2005)

Badminton is still a big sport in China, and you can see people playing everywhere without a net, even.  Indeed, most of the racquets have broken strings, like the one in this painting.  There is even a big badminton birdie factory, with a giant sculpture of a birdie in front of it, outside of Guangzhou on the highway that I take to the university where I teach.
  $7,000   70x90cm  
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