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Artist Zhang Zhen Jiang

Zhang Zhen Jiang  (张振江) Bio

Zhang Zhen Jiang was born, in Hunan, in 1974.  Having been interested in art from a young age, he  went to Hunan Normal University to study art from 1995-1998.  He furthered his studies at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art where he obtained a master's degree in painting, in 2006.  He was also a visiting scholar at the Beijing Central Academy of Art, studying art theory and contemporary oil painting between 2009 and 2012.  He is currently a professor at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, teaching painting and mixed media art as well as doing research in art theory and creating his own works.

Zhang specializes in abstract painting and mixed media, being an artist and an art professor of our modern age.  He likes the freedom of abstraction, and he is enamored with the opportunity afforded by so many different materials and techniques in today's art.  Thus, in his art, he tries to make people feel the speed at which our technological world is developing.  On the other hand, he is a student of  ancient Chinese philosophy and religion, particularly the teachings of Buddha, Lao Tze, and the I Ching, and he incorporates these themes into his works.

He chooses materials to express his different emotions and tells us that, while many avant-garde artist, like Ai Wei Wei, break physical objects, reassemble them, and call it art, he breaks material things up in his mind and reassembles them on canvas to show his understanding of them.  He points out that materials were used, in the past, to support the artist, but, now, they can be a focal point of art, as concepts and aesthetics have change.  However, he says that materials should not be abused but only to follow and fit in with the artist's concept.  He also uses numbers in many of his works as a synthesis of the ancient Chinese fascination with numerology, as in the I Ching, and our modern focus on numbers in an economic and digital world.  In fact, he often carves block prints to use in his paintings to make repetitive subtext.  His use of bold colors and unusual color combinations is his way of bringing his works to life.  He tells us that he has a love for poetry, and his works are meant to reflect the fantasy realm of poetry, like visual poems.

In truth, we had been searching for an abstract artist to fill out that area of our gallery collection, and having recently seen some of Zhang's work, it was on our to-do list to contact him.  But before we got around to it, he walked into our gallery, one day, to talk to us about representing him.  And after seeing more of his portfolio, it seems we got much more than we could have hoped for.  He is talented and creative, and his works have already been collected by museums, so we are pleased to be the first gallery to present his art to the rest of the world.



"Region no. 15", excellent prize at the First Youth Oil Painting Exhibition


Included in the exhibition “Span: Eight Chinese Abstract Painters” at the  Jingdu Art Center, in Beijing

His work “2008-Challenge” was selected for inclusion in the 11th National Art Exhibition, Guangdong Section

His work, “Naturally” was selected for inclusion in the Shanghai Youth Art Exhibition;

His Work “Mizhi’s Aunt series, o.3” was selected for the First Teacher's Watercolor Exhibition, in Guangdong, and was awarded the excellent prize.

 Natural Number 20082868, painting Zhang Zhen Jiang Sentient Beings 9, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang Black Mountain Village, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang Number 20080925, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang China Numbers 1978-2008, Zhang ZhenJiang painting Nude 7, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang Village Apricot Bloom, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang
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