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Rose, painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 862. Rose, original oil painting by Zhang Aimin (Dapu), 2012

Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) has been broadening his artistic repertoire, over the last several years, to include abstract expressionism and a composite collage style.  If you look closely at the painting, you will see a temple with the typical Chinese bamboo roof with turned up corners, a dagoba, a tower, typical of Tibetan Buddhist architecture, along with other structures of the typical Tibetan village.  Done with rosy hues, Dapu invites us to see his area, in the Himalayas, through a rose colored lens.
  $5,000   120x100cm  
Farming: painting by Dapu   Farming: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 

In this painting, Dapu uses the style of the older Impressionists, a style with which he is experimenting, of late.  The man's back is done with arches of color, reminiscent of a paintings by Van Gogh or Lautrec.  The field is done in purple with the mounds of dirt represented by arches of black.  Ahead of the cattle, you can see the impression of the man's shadow.  It is an interesting piece, in a style that is not the normal style of Dapu, but it shows the range of his talent.
  Sold   50x40cm  
Spring time at Daban Mountain: painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 608. Springtime at Da Ban Shan: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 2009

Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) tells us that he passed this mountain scene on his way to paint other scenes, over the last few years, and he always wanted to paint it.  Now, he finally has captured it in a beautifully colored and sizable painting, in the early spring of this year, for us. 

The path leads ones eye from the bottom of the painting to the sheep and, then, to the mountain. The herd of sheep, in the foreground, are done in nice detail.  It is the end of winter, and spring is just beginning, so, the bright colors of the season are only just starting to emerge, and the painting gives a slightly dark feel, as nature shakes off the dullness of winter, on the backside of the Himalayas.  The trees and shrubs are still partly bare, and the mountains, in the background, just beginning to come to life and  done in black and dark green, are striking: the light and shadow give them the illusion of three dimensions.  The dark yellows of the grass and dark red of the shrubs, which are just beginning to sprout their new growth, make for a nice overall color balance.

It has the sweeping grandeur of paintings by German artists, like Bierstadt or Hengsbach, especially, with the boldness of the dark mountain confronting us, something that traditional Chinese art theory would condemn.  But it has a softer, more impressionist style. 
  $7,000   150x130cm  
Summer in Chai Da Mu Basin by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 776. Summer in the Chai Da Mu Basin, original oil painting by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang)

The government of Dapu's area took a few artists to tour areas of the Tibetan plateau, and Chai Da Mu, a basin in the north of the Tibetan plateau, was one of the areas.  It is an area with few people because access is treacherous.  When he got out of the bus, he was so filled with excitement at the incredibly beautiful scenery that he wanted to immediately paint the scene he was seeing.  In fact, he thought of using the new, more abstract style that he has been developing, but the scene was so beautiful that he determined to paint it realistically.  He even, first, though of painting it on a smaller canvas, but he decided that the size of the canvas needed to be as grand as the scene.  He wanted to show the beautiful colors and the clouds moving quickly across the sky.

We appreciate all of the efforts that go into Dapu's art showing life and scenery on the Tibetan plateau, and we are especially enamored with this one.  It reminds us of the sweeping landscape scenes that Albert Bierstadt painted of the Old West, the Frontier of America.
  sold   180x110cm  
Snow Village: painting by Dapu 146. Snow Village: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 2008

This is a wonderful painting (see hyperlink for a better view) of a village on the Tibetan plateau, in the winter with a little snow.  A woman is walking down a path to the village followed by a little lamb.  Crows fill the air on the left and the village fills most of the background.  It must be spring, as the snow is partly melted, and Dapu tells us that he can only paint in the spring, summer, and fall, as the temperatures on the Tibetan plateau region are much too cold, in the winter, to be outdoors painting and there are tons of snow.
Dapu is a newer, relatively undiscovered artist whom we have recently discovered for inclusion, in the Leona Craig Catalogue Art Gallery.  He brings us wonderful paintings from the area around the border between China and Tibet.  This is one of his larger paintings at 150 by 80 cm.
  $3,500   150x80cm  
Thick Earth: painting by Dapu   Thick Earth: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 

This is a beautiful piece.  It is not only a good picture of the beautiful landscape scenes in the Tibetan plateau region, but it is also a well done work of art.  We like the way the shafts of sunlight can be seen coming though the clouds.  We also like the sheep, grazing on the ledge of the canyon.  It is a bright but moody painting.  The light is coming through the clouds, but the presence of the clouds might suggest some bad weather is in the offing.
  Sold   80x65cm  
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