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Sunflower: painting by Yi Xing Ma   Sunflower: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma (Ma Yi Xing)

A wonderful example of Ma's deconstructionist style of art, reminding us of Dali.
Morning in Pudong: painting by Ma Yi Xing   Morning in Pudong (Shanghai): original oil painting on canvas by Ma Yi Xing

A surrealistic oil painting by Yi Xing Ma, reminding us, somewhat, of paintings by Cezanne.
Jun Jun Smiling: oil paiting by Yi Xing Ma   Jun Jun's Smile: original oil painting on canvas portrait by Yi Xing Ma

This is Yi Xing Ma's version of the Mona Lisa, using his muse, Jun Jun, once again, with another of her inscrutable expressions.  It has the same type of dark,  brooding background and black attire, on the subject, as the original Mona Lisa, but it still seems to come off as bright.  Ma has his model turned to the left, while the original Mona Lisa is turned to her right.  Mona has her hand on her arm, while Jun Jun holds some flowers.  The lips are more lush, the dress showing more white skin, and a little blue ribbon in her hair to complement the little bit of red in the flowers, in her hands.

Personally, even though I am Italian, I believe that I prefer this Mona Lisa, right down to her "smile".

There is always an interesting twist, in the works of Yi Xing Ma.  Usually, the twists are in the deconstructionist bent that is part of most of his work.  This time, the twist is slightly more subtle.
We have other works by Yi Xing Ma, in our gallery, which are not displayed in our on line gallery.  For more information, please, email or call us and we will forward the information to you
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