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Happy Life: pen on paper by Ma Yi Xing 637. Happy Life: original ink painting on paper by Yi Xing Ma (2007)

Yi Xing Ma says that having a good woman and a dog (female, of course) makes for a happy life (he says it's a Chinese thing, but our observation is that many Chinese are actually afraid of dogs).  In this surrealistic ink on paper he celebrates that lifestyle with his vision of a beautiful girl with red lipstick, long hair and sexy outfit.  The dog is his VIP dog, a miniature poodle named Guibing (the Chinese prefer smallish dogs), who is shown, in real life, on the hyperlink page.

Ma has done a number of works in this medium, and this is the first that we have chosen to include in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.

I couldn't agree more with this outlook of what a happy life is.
  $17,000   120x180cm  
Clouds into the Empy House: painting by Yi Xing Ma 103. Clouds into the Empty House: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma (1994)

This huge surrealistic scene reminds me of a calmer version of a Salvador Dali painting.  At first glance, you think it is a woman coming out of a doorway.  The sharp shadow on the left, and the shadow, cast by the broken window that she is holding up, tricks the eye into thinking that there is a building, but when you look more closely, there is no building, at all.  Her body stretches through the broken window, and you see that the clouds are in the sky, coming from the opening, in back of her, and in the window that she is holding up, which casts a shadow on a wall that is not there.  The horse looks on as if looking into the lens of the camera: his proportions, distorted.  The composition and creativity of this piece are made even more impressive by its size, measuring 220 by 150 cm, so that the woman is actually life-size.  Yi Xing Ma has been described as being influenced by the German Constructivists and American Pop Art, but you can see that his roots trace back to artists, like Braque, Picasso and Dali.  Whatever the influences, he has developed his own style, and there is always an interesting twist or two in the paintings of Yi Xing Ma, but we especially like this one.  Please call or email for further details about acquiring this interesting piece by one of China's most creative artists.
      220x150cm call or
silent mockery: painting by Yi Xing Ma 698. Silently Mocking: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma
  $   138x128 call or
Graceful Woman: painting by Yi Xing Ma 106. Graceful Woman: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma

They say girls like horses, and Yi Xing Ma has juxtaposed women and horses in several of his paintings.  This one reminded me of Salvador Dali's portrait of Abraham Lincoln, not because it is exactly like it but because it plays tricks on the eye, like that one does.  In Lincoln by Dali, if you are close to the painting when you first see it, you do not notice Lincoln; if far away, you don't notice the girl, in the painting by a window.  In this one, you notice the girl and the horse, immediately, because they both have presence and color, but, at first, it might make you miss the rest of the subtleties of the cubic-constructive style of the piece.  The archway is really not an arch of a door or window, appearing only at the top.  A walled city borders the lower portion of the painting, while the background seen through the archway, in the upper portion is subtly divided into a number of different fragments.  The horse bridges several, but he is not totally in the picture.  Even the girl's hair is partly buried into one of the panels, as though she has just come through from one of these parallel universes to come into ours.  All in all, it is a beautifully done piece and, once again, demonstrates the artist's mastery of the cubist-constructivist form of painting.
"Between You and Me" by Yi Xing Ma 192. Between You and Me: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma, 1994

Perhaps Yi Xing Ma loves horses so much because his last name is the Chinese word for horse.  We don't know, but we do know that we love this piece of deconstructionist art.  It shows a rider holding a woman in his arms, atop a horse.  It is done in the wonderful style that is typical of many of Ma's works, and it has a darker, slightly forbidding look about it. However, there is an apple for the horse on the ground on the left.

It is a large painting with an odd size (over 7 feet tall by about 2 feet wide), which makes it all the more unique.

Yi Xing Ma is one of the more famous artists in the contemporary art scene, in China, with his paintings bringing hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.  Moreover, he is currently under contract with a Chinese businessman to sell all of his art to him, and he is not putting them on the market.  In fact, Yi Xing called our partner in Guangzhou to let him know that this one was coming onto the market and advised him to buy it.  In addition, Ayu was recently looking at Ma's blog where he has put much higher prices on his art than we have put on this one.
We have other works by Yi Xing Ma, in our gallery, which are not displayed in our on line gallery.  For more information, please, email or call us and we will forward the information to you
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