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Xuan Xin Ming Exhibition at gallery
Catalogue Number   Price   Approximate size (1 cm= 0.4 inch) Button
picture of "Harbor Scene: Nanhai", original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 170. Harbor Scene (Nanhai): original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan (2007)

This beautiful harbor scene could be anywhere in the world: it just happens to be in the Pearl River Delta region of Southern China, near the town of Foshan.  The bright colors and the style remind me of some of the works of Claude Monet.  The red flags furled in the light breeze, gentle ripples on the water, an old work boat leaving the harbor leads our eye into the the center of the scene with its still waters reflecting the bobbing moored boats.  The low hills frame the background, and the cloudy skies remind us of early spring.  It is a wonderful and lively scene captured so well by Xin Ming Xuan, in this beautifully colored oil on canvas, measuring 70 by 55 cm.  For shipping, it will be dismantled and rolled, which is included in the quoted price.
  $6,200   70 x 55 cm   
picture of "Sunshine Beach", an original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 122. Sunshine Beach with Fishermen: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan (2006)

This is a delightful and honest painting done near Shantou, north of Hong Kong, of a fisherman and his wife after a long day of fishing.  With a big simple on her face, she is hauling one of the nets off to stow, while her husband prepares the other for the same.  It shows the joy that they derive from their life on the sea, even after a day's hard work.  The colors are bright and cheerful, and the technique that is used to create the folds of the woman's clothing is absolutely beautiful.  The other noteworthy focal point of brushwork is in the creation of the fishing nets, which appear as light as strands of gossamer.  It is one more demonstration of Xuan's understanding of light and shadow, gained from his mastery of drawing.  It is a huge painting, basically, life-sized, measuring 160 cm high and 130 cm wide, and even though the subject is relatively simple, the painting is full of life.  The price does not include shipping, and the painting will be dismantled and rolled to ship.  Please call or email us for further details about acquiring this lovely piece.
  $50,000   160x130 cm Call or email for additional details
picture of "Little Bridge": original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 127. Little Bridge: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan (2007)

As someone who has never been to China, you might not see the subtlety that makes this scene so typically modern-day Chinese.  The template for housing, in China, in the latter part of the twentieth century through today, has been these sorts of boxy houses of any number of stories with flat roofs, upper-floor terraces, and overhangs.  Most are made of poured concrete and rebar, building floors and columns, one stage at a time, and, then, filling in the walls with bricks.  Sometimes, the outsides are also finished off with tiling.  Especially, here, in the south of China, many towns are built around rivers and streams, and we always love to take walks along the river walks.  There are always boats on the water, from large to small, and some of our favorite scenes are the old houseboats, moored along the rivers.  Born in 1959, in Anhui Province, Xin Ming Xuan is currently the head of the drawing department of the Guangzhou University Fine Arts Academy.  His works are included in many books about fine arts and have been collected by the Chinese Art Museum.  This work displays his understanding of light, shadow and reflection from the water, and done with masterful and bold brushstrokes. 

  $6,200   80x60 cm  
 picture of "Shoreline at Shanwei": original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 113. Shoreline at Shanwei: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan (2008)

This coastal scene is typical of the Chinese seacoast.  Unlike, for example, the east coast of the U.S., which is relatively flat, on many of the coastlines, in China, the mountains come right down to the sea, and the coastal area tends to be rocky, with large outcropping and, usually, a number of small islands, right off the coast: remnants of the original mountains that have become submerged, as the sea level rose over the millennia.   This painting was done at Shanwei, which is several hundred miles up the coast from Hong Kong, and near the port city of Santou.  To represent the rough and rocky coast, Xuan has used a quite heavy impasto technique, which is actually visible in the photo of the painting, if you take a closer look.  Many of Xuan's paintings involve the water, some with people who work on the water or with boats.  This scene focuses on the pure beauty of the coastline and the solitude that one can have by walking along it and enjoying it for itself. 

  $7,000   80x60 cm  
picture of "Typhoon Tomorrow": original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 118. Typhoon Tomorrow (明天有台风): original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan (2007)

Sometimes the power of painting is in the honesty that it portrays.  It is that honesty and simplicity that attracts us to folk art or folk subjects, in fine art.
  Fishing for a living is a hard life.  The hours are long, one is confined to a small space, off of terra firma, subject to the whims of weather and the fish that make ones livelihood.  In this striking commentary on the lie of the fisherman, we see the type of lone fisherman who makes up the mainstay of the fishing population, in the world, enjoying some time at the end of the day, relaxing a bit before he unloads his day's haul, knowing that a typhoon will keep him from going out to ply his trade, in the days to come.  As head of the drawing department of Guangzhou University Fine Arts Academy, Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming) is especially expert at portraying facial expressions and body language. In this painting, he has captured the resignation of the simple fisherman to the whims of mighty nature that are in the cards for the coming days: nothing to do but relax, enjoy a cigarette, and rest up, while he can, for after the storm, it will be hard work, again.  Measuring 160 by 130 cm, it is a portrait that draws you in to want to know more about this man and his way of life. 
  $67,000   160x130 cm Call or
email to discuss details of acquisition
Canal scene by Xin Min Xuan 162. Narrow Canal in Xiaozhou: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

In China, there are many towns with canals as streets, like Venice.  A number of artists have chosen Guangzhou's south-side as a source of water village scenes to paint, in China.  South of the Pearl (Zhujiang) River, which runs through Guangzhou, in Guangdong Province, not far up river from Hong Kong, is the older part of Guangzhou, and this area of the Pearl River Delta is riddled with streams and canals, in the villages and in the countryside, for both farming and fishery.

We have several of a series of water village scenes from this same region, in our gallery, painted by Mu Yang Shen, but we also believe that this water village painting by Xin Ming Xuan is another that should be added to the water village collection.

  $7,200   58x68cm  
picture of "Homestead": original oil painting by Xin Min Xuan 128. Homestead: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

I have lived by the water, on the Chesapeake bay, where we had a little dock going out to a little boat, in back of the house.  Each morning, in our little lagoon, a crabber would slowly drive his boat around and around, fishing for crab.  On our finger into bay, everyone had a dock going out to their boats, some covered, just like this one.  It was a wonderful life to live, waking up each morning, to the sound of the water lapping at the back yard; watching seabirds fishing for their breakfast, and seeing the crabber patiently dipping his net into the water to snag crabs.  This painting shows a little slice of that sort of life.  The end of the day; the fishing boat moored at the end of the dock, its dingy trailing behind, and the fisherman's daughter happily walking to the homestead by the sea.  I have also seen a set up much like this one, here, in south China, with an outdoor restaurant at the top of this exact sort of roughly covered dock.  The painting measures a very large 150 cm by 150 cm and will be dismantled for shipping.  Please call or email for further details and to arrange for acquisition of this wonderful work of art.

$30,000 150x150 cm call or
email to
arrange details of acquisition
Tonalist Landscape: painting by Xuan Xin Ming 611. Tonalist Landscape: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

We liked the look of this painting, which reminds us of the lesser known tonalist school of art, from the 19th century.

Although Xin Ming Xuan usually paints sea scenes, we appreciate that he has dabbled in other venues, and this is one of our favorite country landscapes.

The brooding colors of the sky and the leaning house remind us of a cool fall day.
  $6,500   80x60cm  
The Fleet: painting by Xin Ming Xuan 621. The Fleet: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

Xin Ming Xuan is becoming quite well-know for his scenes from the seashore.  This one is a view of the fishing fleet in one of the local harbors, in South China, as seen from the bridge of one of the vessels.  We love the detailed work, capturing every boat as far as the eye can see (well, almost).

We also like the way the sun shines through the clouds to light up a distant portion of the fleet.

Xin Ming Xuan has gained quite a bit of recognition and has attracted a lot of attention from collectors over the last several years, and the prices of his paintings have appreciated, accordingly.
  $28,000   180x120cm  
Nude #7: portrait by Xin Ming Xuan 603. Nude #7: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

We liked this nude portrait by Xin Ming Xuan.  The woman is simply reclining on a blanket on the floor with nothing else shown in the room but the trash can by the far wall.

We thing that the composition is made more interesting by the bareness of the room except for the trash can.  The pose is nice, and the brushwork ios excellenet.
  $6,000   60x80cm  
Youth in the Sunshine: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming) 651. Youth in the sunshine: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

Boys will be boys.  They are always up for adventure, and when it comes to Chinese boys living by the sea, that adventure usually includes climbing around the rock outcroppings and cliffs by the sea that are so typical of China's coastal and, of course, going fishing.

It is a wonderful and happy painting of life in modern China.
Nude #1: portrait by Xuan Xin Ming 652. Nude #1: original nude portrait painting by Xin Ming Xuan

We always like honesty in portraiture, and this is a good, honest portrait of a nude woman.  Her look might be taken as pensive or shy or just tired from a long day.  The focus is not on some ideal of perfection but, instead, on a woman who is not perfect, yet she is somehow appealing on an empathetic level.

Xuan XinMing has done a number of nude portraits, and this is one that we though fit in with the Leona Craig Gallery and collection.
  $6,000   60x70cm  
Hailing Island Harbor: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming) 653. Hailing Island Harbor: original oil painting on canvas (double panel) by Xin Ming Xuan

In this double panel work, Xuan has captured a lively harbor scene at the end of the day.  Most of the boats have been docked for the day, except fo a few trawling around the harbor.

Men and women are mixing, flirting, discussing their adventures and looking for something to do for the evening, which is almost here. 

The beautifully colored sky adds the finish touch to this massive scene of life in a Chinese fishing village.
$50,000 200x260cm
Still Life: painting by Xin Ming Xuan  654. Still Life-Flowers and Nude: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This one caught Ayu's eye, and the nude in the backround reflection is so subtle that she did not even notice it, at first.

It is an exceptional painting of cockscomb flowers, in a glass vase.  The subtle reflection of the nude woman, reflected in some sort of panel, adds to its artistic appeal and gives it a sort of deconstructionist feel.  The blue background adds to its deep dark rich colors.
  $7,500   60x80cm  
After the Typhoon: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming)  655. After the Typhoon: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This is a lively portrait by the sea.  The typhoon has passed and the man and his family are screaming at the top of their lungs trying to be heard over the wind and crashing seas that the typhoon has left behind.

It is a lovely portrait of life by the sea, in China.
  $38,500   132x98cm  
Fishing Port #2: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming)  656. Fishing Port #2: original oil on painting canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This is a more unfinished, sketcy work by Xuan of a harbor scene, which is one of his specialties.

It is interesting how the ships in the foreground are much darker than those in the background, suggesting that a big rain storm is just moving in.
  $10,200   116x91cm  
  657. Sunshiny Day: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This is a wonderful portrait of two fishers enjoying a sunshiny day.  It has the appearance of two people caught by the camera unawares: a candid shot of life by the sea.  The man's hair blows in the wind as he rubs his tired feet and the woman stares off into the distance as if daydreaming or deep in contemplation.

Xin Ming Xuan's roots are in drawing, and he has a mastery of portraiture.  He says that he exaggerates the fishermen's hands and feet because they tend to have large hands and feet from the work that they do, working on boats and hauling nets.

It is a wonderful portrait of life in the costal twons of modern China.
  $150,000   190x160  
Still life Fish: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming)  658. Still Life with Fish: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This still life of fish reminds us of one done, many years ago, by Jian Bai Xu.  It is a typical theme for painters, especially in coastal areas of China or the rest of the world.
  $5,200   70x60  
Fishery Boss: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming)  659. Fishery Boss: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This is a great portrait of the boss of the fisheries.  He has the characteristic large hands and feet that Xuan gives to the people of the fishing communities around Shantou, China.  He insists that their hand and feet tend to get large, due to the strenuous work they do working on the small fishing boats that are typical of the area.

It is a true piece of social commentary, and its life size measurements make it even more striking a piece.
  $100,000   160x130cm  
Small Seaview: painting by Xin Ming Xuan (Xuan Xin Ming) 664. Small Sea View: original oil painting on canvas by Xin Ming Xuan

This is a really sweet small seascape with small fishing boats and netting on the beach after a day on the ocean.

We love the colors and the composition.
  $5,000   58.5x38.5  
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