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Under the bamboo, Xiang Xui embroidery 720. Under the Bamboo: Xiang Xiu hand embroidered landscape

This Xiang Xiu style embroidery art scene, made in Hunan, is another typical Chinese country scene.  The bamboo on the shores of the river grow tall and thick, providing an embracing effect.  There is the typical Chinese flat-bottom boat that can be seen everywhere in China, in the water villages that dot the country, near the rivers and streams.  In the background, there is a lone cow grazing in the field (cows are very scarce, in China, and it is usual to see lone cows or only several, at most.

The embroidery, itself, measures around 37.5 x 29.5 cm; with the beautiful frame, shown in the picture, the measurement is 67.5 x 57 cm.

  $600   37.5x29.5cm  
Sun Rises in the East, xiangxiu hand embroidery   The Sun Rises in the East, xiangxiu hand embroidery from Hunan   $400   20x28cm  
Gold Fish Xiangxiu Embroidery   Gold Fish, Xiangxiu Embroidered Picture

Gold fish symbolizes wealth in Chinese tradition.  The title of the work, in Chinese, refers to building of wealth by having leftovers, savings, at the end of every year. 

The black background serves to enhance the bright orange and golden colors of the fish.

It is the perfect gift for a friend, especially for Chinese New Year.
  $700   66x66cm   
We have other Xiangxiu embroidery art that is not included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online.  To see more, please, email us and we will send pictures of them to you.
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