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picture of "Tea flowers," hand-embroidered picture 115. Tea Flowers on Linen: Xiang Xiu hand embroidered still life  

This floral design, showing a branch of a tea bush, is typically Chinese, done in that traditional minimalist style, yet there is nothing minimalistic about the detailed needle work that has gone into making the plush flowers, branches and leaves, in this Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style embroidery art.  The flowers are brimming with ruffled petals in a style that might remind you of a fine oriental carpet but with even more texture, depth and detail.  The background for the piece is a piece of fine thick linen to give an even more rich look.  The signatures, in Chinese characters,  are by  the studio where the artists work, and the name of the work.  It is a lovely piece that, although traditional Chinese, can fit in perfectly with many decorative themes.  The frame is also quite decorative and is composed of walnut shell slices sandwiched between slats of wood, which is another common medium of oriental art.  Framed and matted under glass, 60 x 60 cm (shipped minus the glass).
  $900   60x60cm  
picture of "Watercolor Vines", a hand-embroidered scene 144b. Watercolor - Vines: hand-embroidered portrait

This is the second in a series of hand embroidered reproductions of famous traditional Chinese watercolor paintings, redone in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery.  This one shows a simple vine intertwined with a bamboo stalk, the green and purple contrasted against the plain white background.  The Chinese characters, relate, in words, what the picture displays.  They say that life is like a vine.  It may grow this way and that, but, in the end, everything will work out, all right.  Although not everything, in life, will be good, and even though you are not perfect, that's just the way life is.  This one, measuring 46 cm by 39 cm, comes framed and matted under glass, as shown.

  $300   46x39cm  
picture of "Rapids": hand-embroidered scene 132. Rapids: Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style Chinese hand-embroidered landscape

It is just amazing that such a scene can be captured in embroidery.  The rough boulders are done so well in chiaroscuro.  As the water comes down the little fall, in the background, and churns around the boulders, tiny licks of water can be seen departing from the mainstream, spraying into the air.  The tree line with its play of light and shadow and sky with puffy clouds, in the background, bring our eye to the center of the peaceful center of the pool where we can see reflections of the surroundings, in the water, so well represented in this medium.  The scene conveys turbulence and tranquility, all at once. It comes framed and mounted 62 x 52 cm.
  $600   62x52cm  
"Chrysanthemums," Chinese hand-embroidery 134a. Chrysanthemums: Xiang Xiu Embroidery picture

If you like the simple more traditional style of Chinese art, this hand embroidered  picture of chrysanthemums might be more to your taste.  The flowers show depth and variation of color, as if from the interplay of light and shadow, even though it is an embroidery work.  It is done on a golden background, using colors of golden-brownish hues.  It has the simplicity of the more traditional sparse Chinese paintings, and the Chinese characters along the left side are from an old poem.

This is part of a series of four such simple studies of plants and flowers done in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery art.  Although the style is typically Chinese, it is not so Chinese as to be out of place with western decor.  It is not overbearing, in size, either.  It measures 47.5 cm by 32.5 cm, and  it comes, as shown, matted and framed under glass.
  $400   32.5x57.5 cm  
picture of "Red Leaf Fall (large): hand-embroidered landscape 129. Red Leaf Fall (large): hand embroidered landscape

This beautiful fall scene is so intricate in its design that it takes almost three-quarters of a year to complete (sorry, we are trying to get a better photo of this one; the colors are more like those in the photo of the next one).  Its colors are so vibrant that they can hardly be captured properly in these photographs, but you will be able to appreciate the detail.  The trees seem so real, made even more true to life with the depth in the structure of their trunks, a play of light, shadow, and variegated color, with their well-shaped branches, and with their colorful leaves that also carpet the surroundings.  Look closer and you will see little wisps of grass along the stream's edge.  On the larger scale, it is difficult to fathom that reflections of the trees and stream bank  could be so realistically reflected in the stream that runs through the center of the picture using embroidered stitching.  This landscape, done in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery, comes available in two sizes; this larger one measures 155 x 81 cm framed and matted under glass.  Because of the size, it will be dismantled and shipped rolled for you to have remounted.

  $3,000   155x81cm  
Terra Cotta Warrior, Chinese hand-embroidery 125. Terra Cotta Warrior: hand embroidered portrait 

A major archeological find, in China, in the latter half of the 20th century, was the thousands of terra cotta warriors (terra cotta army) found buried with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, outside Xi'an.  Most of them have been left in the ground as they were found (in fact, the project of uncovering them is ongoing, as the burial site covers a vast number of acres), but this one, kneeling, is actually on display in a glass case at the complex.  This embroidery version, in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery art made in Hunan Province, is done in monochrome because, even though the original terra cotta soldiers were painted, several thousand years of being buried in the ground made them bare, so the monochrome is appropriate.  Moreover, the black background is actually intricately done stitching.  Many people opt for buying small replicas of the warriors, in terra cotta, but now you can have this beautifully-done embroidered version of the kneeling warrior, 81 x 67 cm (with frame).  We've seen the original terra cotta warrior in Xi'an (Xian), and we are amazed by the accuracy of this embroidered rendition (see hyperlink page).  In addition to this hand embroidered portrait of the kneeling terra cotta warrior, you can also purchase cast bronze versions in the sculpture section of the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  You can see more pictures from the burial site of the terra cotta army in the photo gallery of the In Country China section of our website.

  $1,500   81x67cm  
We have other Xiangxiu embroidery art that is not included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online.  To see more, please, email us and we will send pictures of them to you.
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