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"Plum Flowers," Chinese hand-embroidered scene 134b. Plum Flower, Xiang Xiu hand embroidered still life

As the words, in Chinese characters on this Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style Chinese hand-embroidered picture lament: only the plum flower is strong enough to stand up to the winter, while other flowers come out only in the spring.  I believe that there is a message in that.

It is a simple, yet beautiful piece, after the more traditional form of Chinese picture art.  It is from a series of four such pieces, done on a golden background with simple rich golden brown and light white colors.

They are not overpowering, in size, either.  This one and the rest, in this series, measure 47.5 cm by 32.5.  It comes, as shown, matted and framed under glass (shipped minus the glass).

  $400   57.5x32.5cm  
Watercolor Tea: Chinese hand-embroidery 144a. Watercolor - Tea: Xiang Xiu style hand embroidered portrait, Hunan, China

We liked this and another, in this series of several Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style Chinese hand-embroidered reproductions of traditional Chinese watercolor paintings.  Its attraction lies in its soothing simplicity, like a Taoist poem.  In fact, the Chinese calligraphy characters carry an old saying, in China, that advises you to keep an open heart and an open mind.

It measures 39 cm by 46 cm, and, as with most of the hand embroidered pictures that we offer in the Leona Craig catalogue, this one comes framed and matted under glass (shipped minus the glass).
  $300   46x39cm  
Fall Country Scene: hand-embroidered landscape 131. Fall Country Scene: Chinese hand-embroidered landscape 

The girl looking off into the distance at the bottom right, dressed in a bright red shirt and bright white pants, draws our curious eye to that corner of the picture, while our eye is pleased by the color in the periphery of our vision.  Gradually, we notice the basket toppled over behind her, and, upon closed examination, we notice that some of the slats are missing.  We see the chickens and duck hunting for feed, and the way that the light peaks though the spaces between the leaves in the trees to make light and dark patches on the ground.  Then, we zoom out to take in the whole scene with its beautiful fall colors in the tall trees that stretch out of view to the sky, beyond, made even more bright by the gleaming silk threads.  Afterward, we notice the thatched roof building, and, looking more closely, we see that there are birds atop it and even clothing hanging out to dry.  A man appears to be searching the ground for something in front of the building, and other people are gathered around a basket, framed in a clearing under the trees.  In between two dogs sniff each other.  The whole effect is just breathtaking, and the wonderful splurge of bright colors is uplifting. 

This hand-embroidery is in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery.  It comes matted and framed under glass, 62 x 52 cm (shipped minus the glass).
  $600   52x62  
Cow Pasture: hand-embroidered landscape 100. Cows in Pasture: hand embroidered landscape

This is a sweet little piece, done in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese hand-embroidery art, but its small size in no way detracts from its loveliness.  It is a pastoral scene with a small copse of tall shade trees dominating the center, much like we have seen on cow farms, in Pennsylvania.  The cows are mostly lying under the trees to get away from the mid-day sun, as is their habit, with a few stragglers wandering around to snack on the lush grass.  What, at first, appears to be a dried stream bed, is actually a tidal stream, and the field is on the shore line with several jutting peaks and structures, out at sea and up the coast.  It also adds a splurge of color in the foreground and helps to lead our eyes around.  It actually reminds me of a small oil painting that I have in my collection, back in The States.  It definitely reminds me of my home area, back in the Pennsylvania Dutch country.  Moreover, most people who see it, in the gallery, do not even realize that it is embroidery: they think it is an oil painting.  In this one, as in some other pictures that we offer in this medium, there is some light painting, also, around the tree tops to help to give them depth.  Framed and matted under glass, 36 x 36 cm. [Framed in a beautiful frame, shipped without glass.
"folk art panel 2": 4 hand-embroidered folk scenes 136. Folk Art Quad Panel 2: hand embroidered folk scenes

This four panel folk art piece of Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style Chinese hand-embroidery pictures shows another slice of life, in China.  The first scene is mothers sitting around talking and having tea outdoors at a countryside house, an after dinner tradition.  The next scene is a Chinese wedding wherein the bride (near the center of the picture) wears a red bandanna covering her face before she is married: it comes off at the end, much like the Western tradition of lifting the bride's veil.  In the bottom left panel are shown children flying kites of various shapes.  The final panel shows a family celebration for Chinese New Year with all of the children and grandchildren, even the cow and some other animals, at an outdoor celebration.  It is traditional for all of the family to go home at Chinese New Year, much like for the Thanksgiving celebration in the U.S.
picture of "Girl with Dog": hand-embroidered portrait 126. Girl with Dog (Black & White): hand-embroidered & lightly colored portrait

The focus, in this Chinese Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style hand-embroidered black and white portrait, is on the detail that can be achieved with embroidery art: it looks like a photograph.  The little girl stands with her curly hair tossed by the wind, her dress rustling in the wind, and her eyes closed, as if relishing the cool breeze and the comfort of the puppy in her arms.  The details in the stripes of the bodice of her dress, the folds and creases where light and shadow come into play are simply awe-inspiring.  Even close up, it is difficult to discern the detail of the threading since the thread, itself, is so fine and is sewn so closely together.  The background, which has some light paint to make the demarcation between the lighter and darker part, giving the impression that the girl is standing in a field outdoors, is also covered with a repeated triangular cross-stitching that gives the picture the look of old crackled painting, from a distance.  All in all, it is truly a masterpiece of embroidery art.  Framed and matted under glass, as shown, 60 x 50 cm (shipped minus the glass).
  $800   60x50cm  
We have other Xiangxiu embroidery art that is not included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online.  To see more, please, email us and we will send pictures of them to you.
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