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Qing Ming Shang He Tu, hand-embroidered landscape 200. Qing Ming Shang He Tu (All Souls Day in Bianjing), hand embroidered landscape - scrolled

Although we also offer this embroidered scene in small and large framed versions, this  scrolled rendition is far more exquisite.  If you have not seen the others on another page of the catalogue, this is an embroidered reproduction of the center section of a very famous Chinese scene, originally done in pen and ink by Zhang Ze Duan, in the Song Dynasty (969 - 1279 A.D.).  It is a depiction of the celebration of the Chinese version of all souls day ( the writing, in Black Chinese characters, along the right side says Qing Ming Shang He Tu; the red characters say master embroidery craftsman), in Bianjing, Hene Province, by the banks of thr Bian River.  It's kind of like the Chinese version of Monet crowd scenes with people engaged in all sorts of activities.  The original has almost 700 people plus a variety of animals, and even this abbreviated version has between 100 and 200 people and horses, pigs and a bird.  It focuses on activities by the river with an arched bridge, and boats in the water; all of the townspeople are out for the celebration.  

This scrolled Xiangxiu hand-embroidered version is made even more special by a number of extra details.  First, it is presented in a background of linen with detailed repeated flourished designs covering it.  The embroidered picture is done on a golden silk background in high detail by a master embroiderer (the highest level) who has recently died, so there will be no future works by him.  The silk picture is, then, "inlaid" in the linen "framing".  In fact, the details of this work make it appear truly three-dimensional.  We, actually, had a difficult time getting the owner to part with it.  We have always liked this theme and we have seen it done by a number of artists, in the embroidered form, but this one is a true masterpiece by a master of the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery art.  It comes in a satin-lined box, scrolled; the dimensions of the scroll are 149.5 x 35.5 cm.  You can hang it like scrolled Chinese art is usually hung, or you can have it framed matted and mounted under glass, yourself.

  $1,500   150x36cm  
Xu Hong Bei Horses, Xiangxiu embroidery   Xu Hong Bei Horses, Xiangxiu hand embroidery

Xu Hong Bei is one of the founders of contemporary Chinese painting, although his approach was from the East.  This Xiangxiu embroidered rendition of this famous 20th Century Chinese painting is wonderful.
  $500   89x58cm  
Ancient Tree, Xiangxiu embroidery art 719. Ancient Tree, Xiang Xiu hand embroidered landscape

This tree on an island reminds me of my neighborhood, in Dongshan Kou, in Guangzhou.  We have a park that is built on islands connected by walking bridges from our shore on a backwater of the Zhujiang River to the island of Ersha Dao where the Guangdong Museum is located.  The park has big old trees like this, which are hundreds of years old.  The picture even has a low cityscape, in the background, much like I see in my park.  It is a slice of China, both from yesterday, and, in some places, today.

This picture comes framed (68.5 cm x 58.5 cm) in this beautiful frame, as shown.
  $450   37.5x29cm  
Lotus Blossoms: Chinese hand-embroidered scene 124a. Lotus Blossoms: hand embroidered & lightly painted landscape

This is one in a series of three embroidered works done by the embroidery studio in Hunan whose work we have included in the catalogue; it is in the Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu) style of Chinese embroidery.  It is done in the older Chinese brush and ink style, which it mimics with embroidery and some minor shading with paint.  The scene depicts lotus blossoms, a classical Chinese artistic theme, with the lotus blossoms sheltered under large lotus leaves.  Also, from the older Chinese style of brush-and-ink is the sparse use of colors other than black and white.  The only colors are the pink and yellow of the blossoms, in stark contrast to the black and white of the rest of the landscape.  There is also some light paintwork, in the central portions, to give the scene more depth.  It is quite a scene, in this style, and it is incredible that it is made from embroidery, not brush and ink.  The delicate flowers show depth and variation of colors, and the contrast with the larger black and white leaves gives it a certain boldness.  A poem is inscribed in older Chinese characters to give it an even more classic Chinese art feel.  This landscape scene comes matted and framed and measures 47.5 cm by 41.5, framed.  It, along with its other two mates, is an especially good choice, if you like the Chinese brush and ink style of painting.
  $900   47x41cm  
Pig, xiangxiu hand embroidery   Chinese Zodiac Pig, xiangxiu hand embroidery from Hunan, China   $300   20x20cm  
Steppingstones, hand-embroidered picture 135. Steppingstones, Chinese xiangxiu hand-embroidered landscape from Hunan, China 

In this beautiful scene, we see a mother crossing a steppingstone path through a stream.  She has a umbrella in one hand, a basket in the other, and she is carrying a baby on her back, papoose-style, by wrapping a blanket around the baby and herself and tying it in front, as is still quite traditional, in China.  In the detailed shot, you can see ripples in the stream, as if something from a tree has dropped into the water.  The rocks show light and shadow textures, the knotty old tree, framing the center, is so lifelike, and the tall grass on the hill is windswept.  Then, the path continues up a hill out of sight to bring your eye to take in the whole scene.  The composition is beautiful and the detail makes it extraordinary.  It is done in the so-called Xiangxiu (Xiang Xiu)  style of Chinese embroidery.  It comes matted and framed, 62 wide x 52 high cm.

  $700   62x52  
We have other Xiangxiu embroidery art that is not included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online.  To see more, please, email us and we will send pictures of them to you.
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