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Xiang Xiu embroiderer

Xiang Xiu Embroidery

There a total of four major styles of Chinese embroidery: Xiang Xiu embroidery Hunan Province to our north, Su Xiu embroidery from Suzhou, which is near Shanghai, Yue Xiu embroidery from Guangdong, where our gallery is located, and Shu Xiu embroidery from Sichuan Province to our west.  So far, we have located a studio, in Hunan, that makes very beautiful embroidered scenes and portraits.  Chinese embroidery is done, using silk thread, which has been produced in China for about 3 to 4 thousand years.  The earliest embroidery dates back at least, two thousand years ago, according to discoveries in ancient tombs.  Silk gives it resilience, and last much longer than cotton.

They say that the best silk thread is made in Suzhou, and that is the thread used by the Hunan embroidery studio from whom we get our hand-embroidered scenes.  The pictures are all done by hand, and they are beyond anything that I had seen in embroidery art before coming to China.  Even other art dealers who come to visit our gallery do not realize that they are embroidery scenes but think that they are actually oil paintings until we tell them to take a closer look.  When you think about it, a painter can, sometimes, finish a painting in hours or days, but to do all of the stitching that it takes to create such realistic scenes and portraits, it can take up to a year to complete.

As a collector and dealer in oil paintings, I was both shocked and surprised by this art form, and I liked it so much that I have included it in our collection for the gallery.  I hope that you will enjoy and appreciate this dying art form, which is being replaced more and more by machine-made embroidery, as much as we do, here, at Leona Craig Art Gallery.
picture of "Girl with Dog": hand-embroidered portrait Steppingstones: hand-embroidered picture Folk art quad panel: hand-embroidered scenes Xu Hong Bei Horses Xiangxiu embroidery Lotus and Swallow: hand-embroidery
We have other Xiangxiu embroidery art that is not included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online.  To see more, please, email us and we will send pictures of them to you.
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