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Metamorphosis 15, painting by Tang Hai Guo 782. Metamorphosis series number 15, original figurative oil painting portrait by Tang Hai Guo

In Tang's metamorphosis series, he is pointing to the changes that people undergo because of materialism and greed, which are big problems in modern Chinese society.  Just like a hanger will change its shape when too much weight is hung on it, people will change with the stress that the current society puts on them to earn enough money to live like normal people do, in the rest of the world.

Having gone through the hardships of the great famine of half a century ago and the ravages of the cultural revolution of Mao, the society has been left with collective fear of not having enough and the envy of those who have accumulated so much since those times.  Those things have caused greed to run rampant, but greed changes a person on both the inside and the outside.

This one reminded me a bit of Edward G. Robinson, an American actor who played hoodlums, in movies in the first half of the 20th century. 

  $2,500   120x90cm  
Dog portrait by Tang Hai Guo   Hopeful, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

The animals, in Tang Hai Guo's paintings are his brand of symbolism, having observed that one can learn a lot from animals.

Time away from home can leave its scars, and make one hopeful that someday they can go home.
  sold   90x60cm  
Common People 22, painting by Tang Hai guo 781. Common Faces, number 22, original oil painting portrait by Tang Hai Guo

It is the age of seriousness, and the tension can lead to confusion and a sense of despair.  Happy smiling looks come too infrequently.

In Tang's common faces series, he uses a style that is closer to the Modernism and expressionism that came to art in the early 20th century, and we were really attracted to several, including this one.  Her hair style, with two pigtails and bangs, is typical Chinese. The colors are nice and her dress is formal, making it an overall fun portrait.
  $600   30x25cm  
The Trip, painting by Tang Hai Guo   The Trip, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

These days, people find it more chic to wear a backpack than to carry that old fashioned luggage.  However, make no mistake, they would never forget to pack their cell phones.  Although they look like they are ready for adventure, they don't want to leave too much of the real world and their true souls behind. 
  sold   130x60cm  
Gazing, painting by Tang Haiguo 772. Gazing, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

This one is done in Tang's more abstract style with larger and minimalist brushstrokes.  The colors are also bright and cheerful.
  sold   80x60cm  
Us, painting by Tang Haiguo 721. Us, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo       130x60cm  
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