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Fashion, portait painting by Tang Hai Guo 757. Fashion, original portrait painting by Tang Hai Guo

Done in his figurative style with colorful lines, this portrait makes the fashion statement that wearing glasses, especially without lenses, has become.  It was chosen for inclusion in a book: 2011 Chinese Contemporary Art, so, we are not the only ones who think it's special.

It is a portrait of Tang's high school teacher who dressed very fashionably and was very popular.  Then, he went off to Beijing to start a business and ended up getting arrested for dealing drugs: not the kind of fashionable one should want to be.
  $5,100   110x90cm  
Picking Turnips, painting by Tang Hai Guo 743. Dreaming of Radishes, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

Now that pig has moved to the city, he has all sorts of delicacies to chose from, but all he can think and dream about are all the white radishes he was able to eat, back on the farm.  In truth, even though all sorts of delicacies are offered, in the big city, a little country bumpkin pig, like him, can't afford them anyway.

Still, even though his longings go unrequited, he holds his head high, not to be done in by what he misses most from his old life.
  $2,500   120x90cm  
Metamorphosis 8, painting by Tang Hai Guo 753. Metamorphosis, number 15, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

In Tang's metamorphosis series, he is pointing to the changes that people undergo because of materialism and greed, which are big problems in modern Chinese society.  Just like a hanger will change its shape when too much weight is hung on it, people will change with the stress that the current society puts on them to earn enough money to live like normal people, in the rest of the world.

Having gone through the hardships of the great famine of half a century ago and the ravages of the cultural revolution of Mao, the society has been left with collective fear of not having enough and the envy of those who have accumulated so much since those times.  Those things have caused greed to run rampant, but greed changes a person on both the inside and the outside.
  $4,000   90x120cm  
Pioneer, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Pioneer, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps is an expression we are all familiar with.  In China, many people have gotten ahead by relying on connections, corruption and speculation, not hard work.

This painting is a tribute to those who have become successful on their own, through their own invention and the sweat of their brows.  Every journey begins with a first step, so, strap on your boots and get moving!
  $2,100   80x80cm  
Learning to Smoke, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Learning to smoke, original figurative portraiture oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

Although in the early half of the 20th century, Chinese women did smoke, in modern China, in general, girls don't smoke, and only the "bad" girls take up smoking.  That is my observation, living in China. 

She wears the pigtails of the young girl and the old-fashioned traditional qipao dress that buttons down the front, but she not a traditional Chinese girl.  As China is behind modern society as a result of the closed path that they took in the 1950's through the 1990's, things, like the sexual revolution and girls thinking that smoking is cool, are only coming to China, in the new millennium.

It is a really pretty painting, though, with its bright blue and green.  And, once again, Tang finds a way to get our attention to look at one more of the problems with modern Chinese society.
  $6,500   120x90cm  
Chef, painting by Tang Hai Guo 679. The Chef, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo   $5,100   100x180cm  
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