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Hotbed, painting by Tang Hai Guo 854. Hotbed, original painting by Tang Hai Guo (2012)

This painting, done in early 2012, is a collage of all the corruption and fraud that is modern China.  It has everything from fake meds to sex scandals to the death penalty for the very greedy, about half a hundred, in all, jam packed into one painting.  So, if you are really into social commentary about modern China, don't settle for the old guard of contemporary Chinese art, who are still mocking the Cultural Revolution, 35 years after the fact.
  $13,000   240x100cm  
Li Jie, portrait painting by Tang Hai Guo 823. Li Jie, original oil and acrylic on canvas figurative portrait by Tang Hai Guo (2012)

Although she's gorgeous and dressed to the nines, being part of a second generation nouveau riche, her soul is empty.  Trapped by those trappings, she cannot get to that simple but distant place of pursuing her heart's desires.
  $2,200   80x60cm  
Crowd, drawing by Tang Hai Guo 820. Crowd, multimedia work on paper by Tang Hai Guo
Sure, it's a bit on the childish side, but that only makes it more adorable.  Crowds are everywhere in China, and with the shift from a village society to a modern urban society, the faces in the crowds show the variety in the fifty-plus so-called minority peoples that make up modern Chinese.

It is a multiple commentary on what life has evolved into in modern China.
  $700   52x38cm  
Hotel Desire, portrait by Tang Hai Guo  825. Hotel Desire, original multimedia portrait on paper by Tang Haiguo

  $700   38x26cm   
portrait by Tang Hai Guo 830. The Advertiser, original figurative oil and acrylic portrait by Tang Hai Guo

As the creative director, he has to appear hip with his earring, stuble, and black glasses (albeit with no lenses).  It is his job to convince and persuade - to deceived, and to make the people believe that there is freedom of choice, although his purpose is to confine them in commercial imprisonment.
  $750   52x42cm   
Under the stars, drawing by Tang Hai Guo 822. Cheap Hotel, original multimedia work on paper by Tang Haiguo 

You could spend Y60 per night for a hotel with breakfast included or find some shelter and buy breakfast for a month, instead.  A far corner of the plaza provides good enough shelter, and there are so many options open to you to scavenge.
  $550   38x26cm  
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