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Tang Hai Guo (唐海国) Bio

There are plenty of contemporary Chinese artists who mock the Cultural Revolution, now, from a safe distance of three decades, and command the attention of the international art community for their bravado.  To us, it is just commercial, made to get that specific response from the West.  But, then, we are acquainted with and have art by artists who made their own protests, back during and even before the Cultural Revolution, when it was actually dangerous to do so.  Moreover, they did not do it for commercial purposes but, instead, because they were offended by what was happening when it was happening.  Thus, at Leona Craig, we are always on the lookout for artists who take a different approach to contemporary art, in China.  Tang Hai Guo is our latest find.  His portraits fall into the figurative category, and he draws his inspiration from the expressionists, particularly, Egon Schiele.

Tang Hai Guo, a younger artist, was born in Hunan Province, in 1979.  After graduating from Hunan Art Institute, in 2002, he continued his studies at the famed China Central Academy of Fine Arts, in Beijing, specializing in oil painting.    He has developed a style that is truly his own, using bold colourful lines in his portraiture, making it bright, interesting, and great fun. 
His work also addresses some of the real social issues facing China, today, like materialism, greed, and dishonesty.  He also makes paintings of animals, like dogs, in which the animals show real character: these arenít your grandmotherís doggy pictures.  The animals are, merely, symbols for people, in various situations, in modern Chinese culture.  Indeed, Tang, like me, sometimes likes dogs more than people and thinks that we can learn a lot from them.

Tang currently lives in Guangdong Province
, in Shenzhen.  There, in that melting pot of a metropolis, built at the behest of Deng Xaio Ping, next to Hong Kong, he finds inspiration for his work.  Shenzhen, with its migrants to filthy rich, is a microcosm for what is happening to China since it once again opened up to the West and embraced capitalism, 30 years ago.  He devotes his art to contemporary social commentary because he feels and is concerned about the subject of his work.  He sees the fear and concern of his people about tomorrow: the future.  While a few have attained great wealth, they remain in search of happiness.  Most others worry about what, even, tomorrow might bring.  He hopes that, through his art, others may also come to face up to the many social ills of modern China, in its rush from an agrarian society to become a truly modern country.

He is the standing director of the Hunan Art and Calligraphy Association, a member of the China and Overseas Arts and Calligraphy Communication Association, and a member of the Designers Association of Shenzhen.
  His works have been collected by people from about a dozen different countries, by now, even at his young age.

Exhibitions and Awards:


- Paintings chosen for inclusion in "Contemporary Art Literature in China," Beijing
- Painting, "Glare" chosen for the "High Quality Oil Paintings in Hong Kong and Guangdong" Exhibition, Hong Kong
- Participated in "Red Memory" Joint Exhibition, Nanjing 


- Invited to participate in Reality China Exhibition, Queensland Art Museum, Australia
- Participated in "Sights of Spring" Joint Exhibition, Nanjing

- Southern China Contemporary Art Exhibition; excellence Award

New Century, painting by Tang Hai Guo Citizens seriers #3, painting by Tang Hai Guo Hotbed, painting by Tang Hai Guo painting by Tang Hai Guo Summer Heat, oil painting by Tang Hai Guo Company, painting by Tang Hai Guo
Artist Tang Hai Guo in his studio, in China
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