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Ken Shen (Shen Jian Wei) artist

Shen Jian Wei (沈建伟) Bio

Born in 1965, in Guangzhou, Shen attended the High school of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.  He eventually graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art, in 1988, with a degree in oil painting.  After graduation, Shen got a job in in design in advertising, which was a relatively new field, in China, at the time.  Eventually, he opened his own interior design company because he wanted to be involved in total home decoration, not just producing painting to add to that.  He tells us that the reason that he finally came back to painting was that he grew weary of trying to show Chinese clients how to show taste in home decoration, only to have them want to do it in their own tasteless styles.  Thus, he eventually came back to painting full time, only in the middle of the last decade.

Jian has specialized in painting gold fish, among other scenes from nature, and still life.  Gold fish are a very prominent part of life, in the East, on the one hand.  On the other hand, goldfish in water, create a subject matter than requires technical skill, in the interplay of light, objects, colors, bubbles, and water, and Jian's works can appear anywhere in the spectrum of tight realism to more on the abstract side.  As it turns out, in the hands of Jian, Gold fish, as a topic for paintings, can provide quite a bit of breadth and variety.  And after all, is not creativity but variations on a theme.  He tells us that he paints them because they are considered lucky, but we know that what really attracts him is the complex problem of dealing with light, its reflection and refraction, bubbles and ripples, in painting pictures of fish in water.

Exhibitions and Awards:


"This way" Oil Painting Exhibition, Guangzhou's Xiaozhou Cultural District Group exhibition.

China contemporary Art Invitational Exhibition, Guangzhou Museum


"Leisure Life" Oil Painting Exhibition, the Garden Hotel, Guangzhou

Beijing International Art Biennale, Beijing, China Art Museum


Sixtieth Annual Guangdong Province Art Exhibition, Guangzhou


"More Modern Prelude to Chinese Contemporary Oil Painting" Exhibition, Hong Kong City Hall

Guangdong Third Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition of , Guangzhou

Group exhibition of New Work by Cai Chufu and Shen Jianwei: Realism Paintings, Guangzhou Grand Baoxuan Gallery


Lingnan Painting Exhibition, Guangdong Museum


Guangzhou Clear Mountain Green Space Art Exhibition: Silver Award

Art exhibition, Guangzhou Art Fair Space:  Bronze award

Youth Art Exhibition, Guangzhou: Excellence Award


International Year of Peace "Participation, Development, Peace" Art Exhibition: First Prize

 Clarity Coming, painting by Shen Jian Wei Sweet Maturity, painting by Jian Wei Shen A pool of Life, painting by Jian Wei Shen Ripe bananas, painting by Shen Jian Wei Golden Pond, painting by Shen Jian Wei
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