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Meng Liu photo

Meng Liu (Liu Meng,
刘勐) Bio

Born in 1963, in Shenyang, a city that dates back 2 millennia and was the original capital of the Qing Dynasty, Meng Liu (Liu Meng) studied art, first, at the Normal University and, then, at the Song Huimin graduate school of Lu Xun Fine Art Academy.   Today, he is a member of the Chinese Artists Association and visiting professor of art at  Liaoning Fine Art Academy.

Like the original fathers of contemporary Chinese oil painting, Liu has traveled outside of China, learning from Western artists and painting scenes of his travels, as you can see from some of the paintings included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery.  His works have been chosen for several of the China National Exhibitions, which are held every four years, as well as for exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, and the U.S., and he won the outstanding works prize for an entry into the National Sketch Art Show.  His work has been collected by many public figures and is also included in the collections of the Liaoning Art Museum and the Chinese Oil Painting Museum.

His earlier work is on the bright, colorful, impressionistic side, which is mostly what we have included in our gallery.  Recently, he has been experimenting with other styles, and his more recent subjects have been scenes of life in the city, including portraits of people in everyday situations, in the city, in China.  He is a fine artist, and we love his work.

Recent Major Events

  • Artists in China, Japan and South Korea Exchange Exhibition.

  • Work selected for China Contemporary Painting Art Society oil painting exhibition.

  • Works selected for participation in the Ninth China Arts Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture "National Excellent Fine Artworks Exhibition".


  • Awarded the 11th National Art Exhibition works nominated for the Carnation Award

  • Participated in China's Foreign Friendship Association in Mongolia for the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the PRC, including sketching activities and exhibitions.


  • Selected for the China Hundred Works Jinling Exhibition (oil painting).

  • Work awarded Excellence Award at the second "Time Spirit" National Oil Painting Exhibition.

  • Works in the Liaoning Province exhibition to commemorate 30 years of reform and opening in art, calligraphy; awarded Gold Medal.

  • Participated in the Liaoning artists  delegation to Russia.

  • Participated in the Chinese Taipei International Art Fair.

 picture of "Haystack and Mountain", original oil painting by Meng Liu Corner of the City: original oil painting by Meng Liu Venice Canal by Meng Liu The Beauty of Fall by Meng Liu
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