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Liang Yi Er, husband, Craig Mattoli, Ayu Chen

Liang Yi Er (梁艺儿) Bio

Born in 1956, in  Guangzhou, China, Liang Yi Er is part of a prominent local family, after whom one of the four famous gardens, Liangyaun, in Guangzhou is named.  Initially, to begin her studies in art, she went to Jingdezhen, a city famed for its porcelain and whose old name was responsible for the Western name, China, for the country.  There, she attended and graduated from the Art Department of the Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute.  Thereafter, she did her post-graduate work in painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art.

While many contemporary Chinese artists focus on grand social issues, Liang is more introspective and focuses on the small moments of life, in modern China, bringing both the subtle delicate feelings and keen observational powers of a woman to bear on these slices of life, captured in deep, rich and bright colors.

Persistence, painting by Liang Yi Er Dingin table with nude, painting by Liang Yi Er Spring, painting by Liang Yi Er Moon Beam, painting by Liang Yi Er Corner of the Table, painting by Liang Yi Er
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