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Sun Bathers, painting by Liang Jun Yan 838. Sunbathers, original oil painting by Liang Jun Yan (2011)

The Chinese minority people, like the Zang of Tibet, live simple lives, much like they have for centuries.  Here, we see some older folks, taking in a sunny day, relaxing on the steps in a small town.  The cart with bicycle wheels, propped up in the background, is much like those we see throughout China, which, contrary to all of the pictures of modern skyscrapers that one sees in the news, is still behind the rest of the modern world by a century, in many ways.  Even in our metropolis of Guangzhou, the main mode of transportation for delivery men is using bicycle carts.

This painting was made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of China's "liberation" of Tibet.

  sold   150x85cm  
Ali in Red, painting by Liang Jun Yan 840. Experience and Practice (Ali in Red), original oil painting portrait by Liang Jun Yan (2009)

Part of Liang's journeys through the western Muslim and Tibetan Buddhist regions of China was to learn from those in other cultures.  When sitting down and talking with her new found friend Ali, she discovered that sometimes cultures that are very different are much the same.

“When Heaven is about to place a great responsibility on a great man, it always first frustrates his spirit and will, exhausts his muscles and bones, exposes him to starvation and poverty, harasses him through troubles and setbacks, so as to stimulate his spirit, toughen his nature and enhance his abilities.” Thus, it is not easy to be a great man. Ali is a business man, who is talking to us about his life and about how he became successfull. From the wrinkles on his face, we can tell how much experience and practice he has been through in his journey.

Liang was so taken with him that she did two portraits: this one with him wearing Red, and face on; another, with him in white, in profile.
  $800   40x50cm  
Garden of Eden, painting by Liang Jun Yan 839. Garden of Eden, original oil painting landscape by Liang jun Yan

The Lumbini Grove, in Nepal, is the legendary birthplace of the Sakyamuni Buddha (Sakya, being the name of the state where he was born).  Therein, there are the ruins of a Mayadevi Temple, an Ashoka pillar, the Mayadevi bath where Buddha's mother, Mayadevi, washed away her tiredness after his birth, and fossil footprints are said to be the footprints of the Buddha, himself.

Like Jesus, several centuries before him, Sakyamuni was born from a virgin birth, his mother having been impaled in the side by a six-tusked elephant.  Sakyamuni was born into a princely position.  He married, then, left his family for a life of contemplation.

When Liang was visiting this site, she was feeling the wonders of this magical place, and when the sky suddenly changed and it began to rain, she let the rain drench her, feeling that the Buddha had heard her prayers and sent the waters to baptize her.

It is a beautiful little landscape, done in the same dotty, impasto style that she has applied in her portraiture.
  sold   30x40cm  
Drolma Mother, painting by Liang Jun Yan 846. Drolma Mother, original oil painting portrait by Liang Jun Yan (2010)

Drolma is the protector, in Tibetan Buddhist lore.  In modern Tibetan life, in families who have more than one son, it is too expensive for each son to take a wife, so the practice of polyandry, one wife with a number of husbands, is very common.

This is one such wife of many husbands whom Liang met on one of her journeys to Tibet.  She was fascinated with her story and learned about yet another little piece of real Tibetan life.
  $600   30x40cm  
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