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Tajik Maiden, painting by Li Jin Ming   Tajik Maiden, original oil painting by Li Jin Ming   $11,000   100x80cm  
By the Stream: painting by Jin Ming Li 171. By the Stream: original oil painting on Canvas by Jin Ming Li

Sitting by the stream, in her native costume with a basket of fresh fish by her side, this beautiful Yi minority girl show a radiant smile.  As with many of the fifty-some so-called Chinese minority people, the Yi are lost in time, living in the countryside, in village, much the same way as they have for centuries.  Each minority also has its own style of traditional dress, which is easily dstinguishable.

Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming; Jin Ming Lee) has done a number of portraits of girls and women from various minority groups, and he always manages to capture the happy simple care-free lives that the lead.

A portrait of Chinese minority is a good way to add a slice of China to your art collection, as modernization temps more and more into city life, and their ways of life fade more and more into oblivion.
  sold   100x80cm  
Time: painting by Jin Ming Lee   640. Time: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (2007)

Time in this portrait refers to the best time of ones life: youth.  It is a nicely posed and composed outdoor scene among flowering bushes.

Mostly, Jin Ming Lee (Li Jin Ming) does portraits of minority girls, but he has done several of plain old contemporary Chinese girls, like this one, in a number of settings.  His style tends to be on the impressionistic side, like his mentor, Jian Bai Xu.  His paintings are always happy and uplifting.

  sold   100x80cm   
We have other works by Jin Ming Lee available in our gallery, which are not shown in our on line gallery.  For further details, please, call or email us, and we will send additional information to you.
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