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Mei Duo: painting by Jin Ming Li  604. Mei Duo (Tibetan for: beautiful flower): original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (2006) 

Mei duo is Tibetan for beautiful flower, which aptly describes this young Zang girl from the Tibetan plateau.  She is dressed in the brightly colored clothing of the Zang, which we have seen in a number of paintings by Jin Ming Li.

It is a very sweet picture of a sweet young girl, and it conveys a sense of freshness and joy.  In fact, it is one of our favorite portraits by Jin Ming Li.
  sold   100x80cm   
The Bail: painting by Jin Ming Li 647. The Bail: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming)

In this beautiful outdoor portrait an Yi minority girl has put down her bail of gathered fruit to enjoy the refreshment of the cool water.

The colors of her native clothing are soothing pastels to complement the soothing waters and are made more beautiful against the white background of the falls and rapids.

To see more of the works by Jin Ming Li, included in the Leona Craig Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jin Ming Li Page.
  sold   100x80cm  
Sunshine on the Plateau: painting by Jin Ming Li  625. Sunshine on the Plateau: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee (2006)

This is a painting of a young Zang woman with a pack tied to her back, taking a walk on a sunny day on the Tibetan Plateau.  In this area of the world, I have noticed that most people do not have things like suitcases or duffle bags but are more likely to make makeshift bags, backpacks and even means of tying babies, papoose-style, onto their backs.

The white snowy background only serves to enhance the colors of the girl's clothing and to focus attention on her.
sold 100x80cm 
Springtime Girl: painting by Jin Ming Li  635. Springtime Girl: original painting by Jin Ming Lee (2006)

Pictured is a young woman from the Yi minority people.  She is in the springtime of her life: thus, the title of the portrait.
  sold   100x80cm   
Green Leaves: painting by Jin Ming Li  627. Green Leaves: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (2008)

In another portrait of a Yi minority woman, we see the usual detail with which Li Jin Ming paints portraits.

In this one the dress has a white border, and she is posed with a basket of green leaves: thus, the title.

  sold   100x80xm   
  632. Guzheng: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee (2007)

The guzheng is an ancient Chinese harp-like instrument.  In this portrait, Li has captured a woman with traditional dress playing this old tradition instrument.

It is a slice of modern China, although it is timeless.
  sold   100x80cm   
We have other works by Jin Ming Lee available in our gallery, which are not shown in our on line gallery.  For further details, please, call or email us, and we will send additional information to you.
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