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Golden Harbor by Jin Ming Li  

金色的海港 1986 Golden Harbor, oil painting

This is a smaller study for a slightly larger painting, titled “Morning in Shanwei.”  To Li, it was like a symphony of colors, bustling sights, and sounds.  He tells us that he was contemplating an old Chaozhounese song about two dragons fighting over a dragon's egg.  I especially like the old fan sail boat, and I love the bright colors.  The bold brushstrokes also add to the sense of movement, in the scene.


$2,500   40x30cm  
Zang Girl: original painting by Li Jin Ming 620. Zang Girl: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (Jin Ming Lee)

The Zang minority people live in Sichuan and on the Tibetan Plateau.  Few artists braved the thin air and extreme temperatures of the Himalayas, so art chronicling life in the area is limited.

In this painting, Jin Ming Li displays his talent for portraiture, which is one of the true measures of an artist's abilities.  In fact, this is but one of a number of portraits of the Zang peoples that we have available in the Leona Craig Gallery.  We have other paintings of the Zang by Dapu and by Jian Bai Xu, too.

  sold   100x80cm  
picture of "Sunshine Villa": original oil painting by Jin Ming Lee   Sunshine Villa: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee (2007)

This painting has a different feel from the others that we have in our on-line gallery by Jin Ming Lee.  First of all, the colors are more brash with peach, dark blue and purple for flowers.  Then, the technique is varied, even within the painting.  Some of the shrubbery as well as the villa is done soft and blurry, while other parts are sharp, even with brush handle marks in the flowers in the foreground.  Overall the effect is pleasant and soothing.  The painting measures 100 cm by 80 cm.  It will be dismantled and rolled for shipping.  Please call or email with any questions or or further details.
      100x80 cm  
Dress up: original painting by Jin Ming Lee 153. Dress Up: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li

This is another wonderful portrait by Li, this time, of an Yi minority girl all dressed up.  The bright orange colors of her outfit look so beautiful against the brown background of the portrait, giving it the look of fall, a muted beauty.

Li has done a number of portraits of Chinese minority women, and he always displays mastery in portraiture, not only in his technical ablilities, but also in the poses and settings in which they are done.
  $11,000   100x80cm  
Yacht Club: painting by Jin Ming Li 618. Yacht Club: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (2008)

We had to do some dealing to pull this one away from Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming).  It is a beautiful European harbor scene backed by a busy ocean drive along the front street of a typical European town.

We just loved the colors and the vibrancy of the scene set against the foothills in the background.
  sold   90x65cm   
Prime of Life: painting by Jin Ming Lee  635. Prime of Life: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Li (2006)

Pictured is a young Yi minority girl, in a natural setting of greenery with a cute pose and holding a basket of flowers.

Li, like his mentor, artist, Jian bai Xu, before him, has done a number of paintings of girls from the varios so-called Chinese minority groups who live in Sichuan, Xinjiang and the Tibetan plateau.  Those groups still follow traditions and live in a manner that is more past than modern day, and Jin Ming Li's paintings are a good way to capture a slice of that lifestyle before it dies out, completely.
  sold   100x80cm   
Macau: painting by Jin Ming Li   Macau, oil painting by Li Jin Ming   sold      
We have other works by Jin Ming Lee available in our gallery, which are not shown in our on line gallery.  For further details, please, call or email us, and we will send additional information to you.
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