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picture of "The Shepard": original oil on canvas by Jin Ming Lee 107. The Shepherd: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee (2007)

Pictures, like this one, remind us that in many parts of the world, still today, there are nomadic tribes that follow and shepherd animals.  In China, there are a number of such groups, ranging from those in the south near Tibet, to those in the north by Mongolia.  This picture reaffirms that it is not the material things that are so important, in life, but, rather, the excitement and pure joy of living each new day, and appreciating the beauty and awe of life, itself.  Jin Ming Lee has captured those things in this colorful portrait of a shepherd, in native costume, from south of China, in the mountains of Tibet.  The colors are vibrant, and much of the work consists in simple brush strokes, in the hills, in the background, the pastures, and even her dress, yet there is complete clarity.  In this painting Lee has really demonstrated his mastery of painting technique.  It measures 100 cm by 80 cm and will be shipped, dismantled and rolled.  Please call or email us for further details.
  $11,000   100 x 80 cm  
The Sea by Li Jin Ming 717. The Sea: original watercolor painting by Jin Ming Lee (1981)

This is another of the small paintings that Jin Ming Li has kept as a keepsake and had only been included in one of the books of his paintings until he recently agreed to let us have some of them at Leona Craig Art.  The colors are dark, as it is dusk, and the topic is one of what has proven to be his favorite: the sea and boats.

We appreciate that he has finally chosen to share some of the paintings that he made, over the years, that chronicle his travels, much like others of us have our scrapbooks of photos.

  $1,100   23x9cm  
Evening, painting by Jin Ming Lee 154. Evening: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee

We are not particularly drawn to nudes.  After all, they have been around for hundreds of years and more.  However, of the nude portraits that we have come across, in China, this one caught our eye.  It is soft, not brash.  It is simply a woman bathing, outdoors, in the early evening: a simple, normal routine act.  It reminds us, a little, of the bathing scenes that Degas did in pastels, and the softening haze, which is either meant to be a real evening mist or simply an artifice to soften, even gives it the look of a pastel.  It is also a different genre of painting from the others that we have seen by this masterful artist.
  sold   93x61cm  
Zang Woman: original painting by Jin Ming Li 630. Zang Woman: original oil painting on canvas by Ji Ming Li (Li Jin Ming)

This wonderful portrait shows a Zang woman with her colorful apron and a baby on her back, papoose-style, which is not only common for the Zang minority peoples but for all rural Chinese.

The rustic bridge that she is crossing adds to the feeling of what life is like on the Himalayan Plataeu.

Jin Ming Lee is one of the few Chinese artists who has braved the thin arir and harsh clkimate in that area to capture the simpler life that people still live in the mountainous area around the border of China and Tibet.
  sold   100x80cm  
Girlish Thoughts: original painting by Jin Ming Lee   Girlish Thoughts: original oil painting on canvas by Jin Ming Lee

The Zang women wear a number of different headdresses, depending on the local region where they are living.  Indeed, you can see various headgear in the portraits that we have of the Zang people by Jin Ming Li and other artists, in the Leona Craig Gallery.

This one is particularly elaborate and girlish: perfect for helping to conjure up girlish thoughts.

All of the outfits are colorful, and brightly striped aprons seem to be a mainstay.

  sold   80x100cm  
Leshan Buddhism: original painting by Jin Ming Li 661. Long Men Shi Ku (Dragon Gate Grottoes), original painting by Jin Ming Li (1979)

Long Men Shi Ku is one of three locations, in China, which are considers to be sculptural treasures.  This one has large stone carving of Buddhas, deities, and other figures, in grottoes carved out of limestone.  It is in Luoyang, in Henan Province, along the Yi River and has over 2,300 carved caves and 100,000 sculptures, the first of which was done in 462 A.D., and work continued on past the Tang Dynasty. 

Li painted this while taking a boat tour of complex.  Although one might think that the elongated figures are his expressionism, in reality, the figures carved in the earlier period were more elongated and abstract, themselves, while those carved in the Tang Dynasty were more full figured and lively.

The grottoes are part of China's history, and this painting was done during the period that China was opening up and Li's style was changing to more abstract expressionism from impressionism.
  $4,200   53x42cm  
We have other works by Jin Ming Lee available in our gallery, which are not shown in our on line gallery.  For further details, please, call or email us, and we will send additional information to you.
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