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Craig Mattoli & Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming)

Jin Ming Lee (Jin Ming Li, Li Jin Ming, 李金明) Bio

As a little boy, growing up in Hong Kong, then, in Heshan, in Guangdong Province, Jin Ming Lee was already learning about art.  His father, a fine art enthusiast, also dabbled in painting, and Jin Ming Lee would paint along with his father when he was still a young boy.  When people would ask him what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would tell them that he wanted to be an artist.  Indeed, his talents were already apparent when he was still a schoolboy, and, while in Middle school, his talent was recognized, and he was chosen to attend the Guangzhou Fine Arts Academy.  His main teacher, at the time, was Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai).

However, they say that artists must suffer for their work, and that was to be the fate of Jin Ming Lee.  After graduating from the Academy, instead of assigning him to the Ministry of Culture, the government assigned him to work for Chinese Export Commodity Trade Fair organization, which, at the time with the country's emphasis on economic growth, took the better artists for themselves.  Some people look at what hand life has dealt them, and say it is not what they wanted.  Others make the best of what they have got.  Jin Ming Lee falls into the latter category.  He is an easy-going guy with an impish sense of humor, so, he decided that he could still have fun with the hand that he got.  Instead of feeling forlorn, he used his free time, at night, on weekends, and even during tours of foreign countries with the trade organization, to pursue his true passion: painting scenes of boats and life.

His paintings are always bright, optimistic, and vibrant with color.  He uses simple bold brushstrokes, in many parts of his paintings, in a style that simplifies, yet defines.  It’s a style that was perfected by Monet, in his paintings, and Jin Ming Lee uses it well, in his.  You can see that in the costume of the girl, in “The Shepherd”, or in the water, in “Mediterranean Harbor Scene”, displayed in our gallery.  Other times, he abstracts the details, as in the flowers, in “Sunshine Villa”, and in the painting, “Macau Harbor” where the skyline of Macau is ethereal, seen as if through a thick fog, in the background. 

Jin Ming Lee has been turning out incredible paintings for over forty years, and his works have appeared in exhibitions around the world and inside museums.  There is no work of his with which you could go wrong for investment or for simple art appreciation.

He recently asked me to write something for the foreword of a new book about his art.  You can read the English Language version of that on the Leona Craig Art Blog.


-          Watercolor,  “Yacht” , excellent prize, Guangzhou Annual Art Exhibition


-          Oil painting, “Bazaar in Xinjiang”, silver prize, Guangdong Art Exhibition

-          Oil painting, titled “Morning at the Harbor”, silver prize, Guangdong Charity Exhibition.


-          Oil painting, “Fun by the Prize River”, best prize, Guangdong Art Association’s Guangdong Art 50th Anniversary Exhibition.


-          Oil painting, “Looking at Sunshine from the West”, excellent prize, Southern Oil Painting - Spring Sunshine Exhibition, Guangzhou

-          Oil painting, “Sea View”, excellent prize, Guangzhou Art Exhibition


-          Oil painting, “Bazaar in Xinjiang”, excellent prize, 9th China National Art Exhibition,; bronze prize, Guangdong Province division


-          Oil painting, “Hundreds of years of Dreams Become True in One Day”, gold prize, exhibition organized by Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation


-          Oil painting, “Mother and Son”, excellent prize, National Fine Art Competition organized by Gallery Magazine and Taiwan Geshan Gallery.


-          Oil painting, “Harmony between Red and White”, excellent prize, Chinese Oil Painting Exhibition.


-          Oil painting, “Morning”, third prize, National Country Scene Art Exhibition.


-          Oil painting, “Meticulously”, excellent prize, Guangdong Art Exhibition.

 Winter in Hainan by Jin Ming Li Pomegranates by Jin Ming Li Flower of the Miao People by Jin Ming Li Winter in Shatian by Li Jin Ming
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