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L. C. Art Gallery is holding an exhibition of small paintings from the 1950's through the present by Jin Ming Li, titled Small Paintings; Big World: 50 Years of Art by Jin Ming Li, October 23 to November 19, 2010

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You can read about the exhibition, also, in the following newspapers:

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Oil paintings by Li Jin Ming have also been selected for a set of commemorative stamps, honoring the Guangzhou 2010 Asia Games.  You can read more about that on our Leona Craig Blog

Sunrise by Li Jin Ming Jin Ming Li, Craig Mattoli, and Lizhi girl painting Wandering around Cologne by Li Jin Ming

Group picture exhibition Jin Ming Li family and Craig Mattoli  girls of Leona Craig Art Li Jin Ming Exhibition opening at Leina Craig Art

This exhibition had its impetus in Jin Ming Li asking me to have an exhibit of the small paintings that he has been creating, all of his life, much like the rest of us take photos to create memories.  The purpose is to try to show the Chinese collector that paintings do not have to be gargantuan to be prized: bigger is better is a ridiculous theme to always live by.  He wanted me to be the one to do this type of exhibition because he knows that I really understand and appreciate art for what it is, not for the size or the price tag.  Thus our journey to putting this exhibition together began.

Jin Ming published a book of some of those small paintings, back a few years ago, and I asked about buying several, over the years, but was told that they were not for sale: they have been his personal treasures.  So, I was delighted when he decided that it was time to share some of them with the rest of the world.  Moreover, since he was finally opening up his treasure trove to the rest of us, I insisted that he open up the doors, completely, so that we could put together a truly exceptional exhibition, on all fronts.  I told him that it should not just be an exhibition, but, instead, a real event.

Thus, over the last several months, I have combed through hundreds of paintings, drawings and etchings, and we have put together a wonderful and wondrous collection of almost 100 works: we threw in a few larger ones, too, just so that people would not think that he only paints small paintings.  The collection includes works from every stage of his life: from working on a collective farm, in the 1950's, to his time in art school, to working as an artist for the trade commission, to his world travels, and on to the present day.  In that regard, they also cover almost the entire history of the PRC, and there are works from the various stages of the PRC's development plus many, now historical, pictures of scenes and of life, in various parts of China, over the last fifty-plus years, many of which have been changed by China's development.  The collection also shows his progression, as an artist, through the years, and breadth of style that he has developed.

Jin Ming Li has great credentials, as an artist.  Born to an art aficionado, he became interested in art and painting when he was only several years old.  Eventually, he attended the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art where one of his main teachers was Xu Jian Bai, who was a student of the famed Lin Feng Mian, who was one of the fathers of modern Chinese oil painting.  Jin Ming also tells us that many other artists taught and influenced him, over the years, as did the opening of China to the rest of the world and his travels outside of the country.

The exhibition will have its grand opening October 23, 3 p.m, at our Gallery, L C Yilang, 11 Guigang 3 Ma Lu, in the Dongshan Kou area of Guangzhou and will continue through November 19th, 2010.  We will be endeavoring, also, to add all of the works in the exhibition to the website, as time goes on.  So, please, stop back to visit this part of our website for updates.

Jin Ming recently asked me to write something for the foreword of a new book about his art.  You can read the English Language version of that on the Leona Craig Art Blog.

 Jin Ming Li paintings at exhibition Li Jin Ming, Wife, and Ayu Chen upstairs at Leona Craig Gallery

If you cannot make it to the exhibition, if you want to know the stories behind the man and his paintings, or if you would just like a memento from the exhibition, you can purchase the book produced from the exhibition:

Jin Min Li Exhibition Book

The book,  published by Fine Art Publishing Co., Hong Kong, is 68 pages, available in soft cover, containing approximately 100 pictures of paintings and drawings, included in the exhibition, plus photos of Li.  The text is written in both English and Chinese.  It discusses  each of the paintings, in the exhibition, plus Jin Ming Li's career and his changing style over the last five decades.  The stories of the paintings were related to us by Jin Ming Li, written in English by Craig L. Mattoli, curator of the Exhibition  and CEO of Red Hill Capital Corporation, the owner of Leona Craig Art, and translated into Chinese by Ayu Chen, manager of LC Art Gallery, in Guangzhou, China.  Commentary and analysis of the paintings and Li's career are written by Mattoli and translated by Chen.  The price is $25 plus shipping.

at the door Li and Friend Li and Lotus front door li tv

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