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Potala Palace Tibet, painting by Jian Bai Xu 164.  Potala Palace in Tibet: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (1980)

Art from Tibet should be especially treasured because not many painters brave the high altitude, isolation, thin air of the Himalayas.  The Potala Palace complex was built in the 7th century.  Situated on a hilltop, in the mountains of Tibet, it has 1,000 rooms, and was the chief residence of the Dalai Lama, until China's takeover in 1959.  Today it is a museum.
Jian Bai Xu's paintings are always lovely, with beautiful colors and brilliant technique, and this one is even more special having come from an earlier time, in Tibet.
Old Tree on Dongshan Island, painting by Jian Bai Xu 178. Old Tree on Dongshan Island: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (1986)

China does have some really cool-looking trees.  Even here, in Guangzhou, where we have our gallery, the river is lined with old trees whose roots sprout from branches and dig into the ground.

Here we have one of those old trees digging into the rocks of a cliff on Dongshan Island.  It always amazes me how trees, which have been around for 100's of millions of years, have managed to figure out how to develop in the most unlikely or inhospitable environments.

Jian Bai Xu is one of the great Chinese impressionists from the early half of the 20th century.  Her paintings are always beautiful, and the topics are thoughtful.

This one is especially pretty, and it is a real Chinese theme, although it lacks any clues to its national origin and has an international appeal.

Bohe Beach, painting by Jian Bai Xu 1963 150. Bohe Beach: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (1963)

This beach scene reminds me of the beaches in New Jersey.  Pine trees always grow down to the lowlands and beaches, while hardwood trees only show up as you move from the lowlands to the mountains.  It is, in that regard, a very common sight, yet I have not often seen paintings of beachscapes with pines in them.

It's a very pretty scene with the copse of pines, in the center, the small boat on the shore, and nothing else.  The result is a very peaceful serene feeling.
Uyghur Maiden: painting by Jian bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai) 609; Uyghur Maiden: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (1955)

This is a lovely slice of life from mid-twentieth century Xinjiang, in Western China.  Many Chinese artists paint portraits of the so-called minority peoples of China, but this is the only one of an Uyghur woman from the Muslim minority in the West of China.

We always appreciate portraits of China's minorities, in their native dress, but it is even more interesting to see portraits and other paintings from the time during which China was closed to the rest of the world, like this one.

Jian Bai Xu always paints exceptional portraits, and this is an exceptional painting by her.
The Fruit Stand, painting by Jian Bai Xu 622. The Fruit Stand: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai) 1984

Shenzhen, painting by Jian Bai Xu, 1983 631. Shenzhen: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai) 1983

Shenzhen, which is just across the border from Hong Kong, was a small fishing village that the government decided to turn into a meg-city, in the early 1980's, anticipating the return of Hong Kong.

Jian Bai Xu has captured the early stages of that transformation in this and another cityscape that we have available in the Leona Craig Gallery.  Today, Shenzhen stretches for miles along the shore and is a major seaport for mainland China.
We have other works by Jian Bai Xu, in our gallery, which are not displayed in our on-line gallery.  If you are interested in seeing more of her works, please contact us by phone or by email, and will will forward more of her works to you by email. Office: 086 20 83600764; clm@leonacraig.com
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