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Feng Wu Sui (Sui Feng Wu, 隋凤武) Bio
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"Wind and Frost": painting by Feng Wu Sui 166. Wind And Frost: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui (Sui Feng Wu)

This portrait shows the true artistic talent of Feng Wu Sui.  In other of his portraits that we offer, in our gallery, his technique is bolder brushstrokes.  Here, he uses a more realistic style for this true mandate of art: to capture a person's essence, in their portrait.  Wind and frost is a Chinese expression that refers to the hardships of a journey or of one's life.  Here, is an old man.  He has been through good times, bad times, for a long time: he is a well-seasoned man.  His teeth are crooked, his face is lined, and his smile is about his past, good and bad: slightly relieved, slight nervous, slightly fond.  He has been through it all, and he has survived, and he can smile looking back on all that has happened by the time he has gotten to this point in his life.  It is like a pictorial version of Frank Sinatra's song: My Way.  And just as one's memories appear through the fog of time, this portrait is done with a brown-gold haze.
  It is contemporary commentary, complemented by the dark, shadowy realistic style of the old Dutch School.  This portrait shows the true potential of Feng Wu Sui as an artist.
  $3,500   80x80cm
"Tibetan man": painting by Feng Wu Sui 179. Tibetan Man: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui (2007)

Art, for us, is more enjoyable when it depicts reality instead of a sugar-coated version of the world.  We have included several portraits by Feng Wu Sui, in our gallery, but this is our favorite.  It shows an old Tibetan man.  Although his hair is white and messy, his face shows alertness, peace, and a bit of mirth.  He might be up in years, but he is, by no means, what you imagine when you think of old man.  He might not fit the classical definition of handsome, but his ruddy rugged looks, his proud nose, his twinkling eyes, and his chiseled features make his face a very pleasant face to look at.  You can see from his face that, although life, in Tibet, might not be easy with the thin air, the cold weather, and the isolation, it must be a happy and healthful life.

Feng Wu Sui displays excellent brush technique in his portrait paintings of both faces and full bodies.  He has done an exceptional job in capturing the spirit of this Tibetan man in this simple but beautiful portrait, and we just love it.
$350 20x30cm  
Homes by Water: painting by Feng Wu Sui 161. Homes by Water: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui (1997)

This is a simple, lovely piece showing whitewashed houses by a canal or river bank, like many other scenes from water villages, in China.  There is also a small makeshift bridge, like others we have seen, in water villages.  It is the first landscape by Feng Wu Sui that we have chosen to include in the Leona Craig Art Gallery.  In this painting, Sui uses the same bold brushstroke techniques that he has used in a number of the portraits that we have included in the gallery.  There is nice detail in, not only the stone wall along the river bank, but also in the reflections in the water.   It is a simple, pretty piece with bright cheery colors, and it immediately caught our eye when we saw it.
  $500   50x40cm
Medieval Man: painting by Feng Wu Sui 149. Medieval Man: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui (2007)

They say that portraiture is the true test of an artist's ability, and with this simple portrait of a Medieval man, we feel that Feng Wu Sui has passed the test.  In fact, sometimes, portraits can seem contrived or slightly boring, but this one makes me feel that this is a man of character: his face is strong yet gentle.  He seems thoughtful and involved in his surroundings, even though his surroundings are not pictured.  His expression draws you in.  What is he looking at with that look on his face?  Is there a threat, a beautiful woman, has someone just asked him a question, or is he just lost in thought?

The brushwork in this portrait is quite beautiful, mixing colors with brush technique to make the lines, angles, shapes, and shadows of the face.  The bright colors of the man's Medieval headdress make this wonderful little portrait even more striking.
  $350   20x30cm  
Old Foreigner: painting by Feng Wu Sui 178. Old Foreigner: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui, 2007

In the U.S.. we might say: that man is Italian, or French, or Spanish, or Russian, if we were being slightly politically incorrect.  Here, in China, everyone who looks not Chinese is referred to, simply, as foreigners: waiguo ren, lao wei, or gui lou, in Chinese and Cantonese.

Feng Wu Sui specializes in portraiture, and this is one of several of his portraits that we have chose to display in the Leona Craig On-line Art Gallery.  It is a nicely done portrait of an old man of indeterminable national origin.  He is dressed simply but brightly and the coloring of his skin suggests vitality and his face shows character.  Indeed, beards and body hair are always fascinating to the Chinese, most of whom do not have the heavy body hair of someone, like me, who is of Mediterranean decent.  The composition makes it appear as if he were caught walking down the street.  Even, the stones of the wall, in the background, have character, and there brightness provides a nice backdrop against which to paint this man's portrait.
  $350   20x30cm  
Nude: painting by Feng Wu Sui   Nude: original oil painting on canvas by Feng Wu Sui   sold      
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