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painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min), Leona Craig Art 824. Bird of Paradise, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) (2012)

Living and painting on the Tibetan Plateau, Dapu has ample opportunities to see farmers ploughing their fields with horse-drawn hand ploughs, and he has painted a number of such scenes, in various styles.

We especially liked this one for its vibrant expressionistic colors.
  $1,000   40x50cm  
Fall harvest: painting by Dapu   Fall harvest: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 

One of the main vehicles people, in China, use as a light-duty work vehicle is like the one shown, in this picture of harvesting.  The vehicle is somewhere between motorcycle and truck.  It has the engine mounted on the front over the wheels and it steers with handlebars.  A man guides a hand-plough, which is connected to the rear of the vehicle, replacing the traditional horse or oxen, as depicted in other paintings of this area on the border of China and Tibet.  The painting is done in a more realistic style, and it is truly one of Dapu's better works.

  Sold   120x80cm  
Highland Spirit by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 755. Highland Spirit, original oil painting by Ai Min Zhang (Zhang Ai Min, Dapu)   $750   40x50cm  
Black Horse by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu)   Black Horse, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min, Aimin Zhang)          
Corner of the Village, painting by Zhang Aimin (Dapu)   Corner of the Village, original oil painting by Zhang Aimin (Dapu), 2012   $1,500   50x70cm  
painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min)   Collage, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min)          
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