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Farming Season, painting by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu)   Farming Season, original oil painting by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu), 2012

Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) moved to the Tibetan plateau, so, that he could chronicle the sweeping beauty of the area and the simple lifestyles of its inhabitants.  Indeed, many Chinese artists have gone to Tibet and the Western areas of China because they feel that the the people there represent a purity and unaffectedness that cannot be found in the rest of China. 
As we have seen in numerous of Dapu's Tibetan farming scenes, there are no tractors or motorized vehicles for ploughing but only horse or oxen.  This painting is done in the composite-collage type style on which Dapu has recently been working.
  $1,200   53x42cm  
White Horse Temple by Dapu 735. White Horse Temple (Fat Jong Si), original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min), 2010

White Horse Temple (Fat Jong Si) is a Buddhist complex carved into the end of a mountain range (see aerial photos on the link page), located in Ping'an County of Qinghai Province, on the Tibetan Plateau.  In Dapu's painting, we also see the white dagoba dome, which is typical of Tibetan Buddhist temple complexes, in the foreground.  Monks in red robes are seen wandering throughout the complex.

The style is the more sophisticated abstract impressionist style that Dapu has grown into, lately.  The colors are rich with the reddish-browns and the tans and yellows, it is a beautiful painting of one of Dapu's favorite topics: the Buddhist temples in Qinghai.

  $1,200   60x45cm  
Bright Future by Dapu 734. Longing for a Bright Future (憧憬), original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Ming)   $1,000      
Dapu (Zhang Ai Min) 732. The Colors of Tibet, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min)

Dapu tells us that one of the things that he truly loves about living on the Tibet plateau is that surprises await him, every day.  He might see scenes in a different light that make them different than they had looked the last time he saw them.  He discovers new scenes as he travels to different areas that take his breath away, even though he might expect to be used to such things after living there for several years. 

When he came upon this scene, in the autumn, his heart began to race, and the scene that he saw was also filled with movement.  So, he wanted to give the painting a sense of movement and fill it with glistening colors to give the painting, itself, a shimmering.

We love the colors and the movement that he has conveyed in this painting.  It fills us, too, with the joy and excitement that he must have felt when he first saw it.
  $5,000   130x110cm  
Wetlands: painting by Dapu    Wetlands of the Yellow River: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang ) 

This small piece show some of Dapu's true talent, as an artist.  It is a beautifully done scene of wetlands in a canyon carved by the Yellow River.  It is done in a more careful, more realistic style that makes you feel like you are there.  The delicate grasses poking up through the water are so well painted, and the reflections in the water look so real.
Dapu is an up and coming artist who is relatively unknown except to a few private collectors from the mainland and Taiwan, and we are happy that we, too, now have discovered him for our collection and for the Leona Craig Catalogue Art Gallery.

  Sold   40x35cm  
The Pulsebeat of Life on the Grasslands by Dapu 726. The Pulse Beat of Life on the Grasslands (Tibet), oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Aimin), 2010

This is another of Dapu's more abstract works, which he has been doing more and more of, lately.  We especially like this newer vein of work because it has shown his ability to grow and his understanding of art.

We also appreciate all of his impressions of life on the Tibetan plateau that he brings through his art.
  $4,250   150x80cm  
Fighter of the Snow by Dapu 729. Snow Fighter, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min)

  $750   46x35cm  
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