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slicing lamb: painting by Dapu 176. Slicing Lamb: original oil painting portrait by Dapu (Zhang Yang) 2006

In this painting, we are looking over the shoulder of a boy, who is of the Zang people, while he is slicing off pieces of lamb to eat as a snack.  He wears the traditional long rolled-ip hair with a bright red head band and a hoop earring in his ear.

It is s simple, yet beautiful portrait with its soft pastel colors framing the dark hair and skin of the boy.  It is an interesting portrait, done as though the artist quickly captured the boy's private action, unaware that he was being observed.

We have seen a number of sides of Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) with varying artistic technique and composition of his paintings.  In fact, this one was done, in 2006, under the name Zhang Yang before his mentor, the famous painter-philosopher Zheng Tian Li, named him Dapu.

We believe that Dapu has great potential as an artist, and, having recently discovered him, we are adding his work to our gallery and our collection.

  $450   30x40  
Night in the Village, painting by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu)   Nighttime in the Village, original oil painting by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu), 2012   $1,100   53x42cm  
Old Tibetan Woman: painting by Dapu   Old Woman: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) (2005)

Portraiture is the true text of an artist's abilities.  In this portrait of an old woman, bent with age but still with a smile on her face and light in her eyes, Dapu shows that he can convey emotion through his art.  It also reminds us of several portraits by Jian Bai Xu that we have in the Leona Craig Catalogue Art Gallery.
  Sold   60x50cm  
Nostalgia: painting by Dapu    Nostalgia: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 

Motorbikes are the mainstay of Chinese personal transportation (after the bicycle), many with three wheels, like the one shown tooling down the dirt road, in this nostalgic scene.  In this painting, Dapu demonstrates yet another style: less impressionistic, more realistic.  It is a beautiful story-piece about life, today, in the area of the Tibetan plateau.  The colors are soft and inviting, and the scene with its sunshine is joyous.
Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) is an up and coming artist who is still relatively undiscovered except by Leona Craig and a few savvy collectors from both the mainland and Taiwan.  We believe that all of the works that we offer by him, in the Leona Craig Catalogue Art Gallery, are extremely good buys, given the talent and potential of this undiscovered artist.

  Sold   130x90cm  
The Fall: oil painting by Dapu 152. The Fall: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) (2006)

Dapu has experimented with a number of techniques, in his paintings.  This one is pure impressionist.  It is an impression of foliage, afire with the colors of fall.  It is reminiscent of some of the scenes or parts of scenes of fields from the early Impressionists.  It is comprised of brushstrokes of orange, green, yellow, blue, and brown, representing a small forest with its leaves and plants falling to the ground to blanket it with the colors of fall.  A few splashes of paint, here and there, even give it a slightly modern art look.  It is an interesting piece, in a style with which Dapu is currently experimenting.

This painting was done in 2006 before Ai Min Zhang took the name, Dapu, and was, at that time, painting with the "pen" name, Zhang Yang.
  $1,100   70x50cm  
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