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Youth by Zhao Qian Xu 702. Youth: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian) (2004)

In reality, modern Chinese girls love to pose.  You will see them taking photos of each other, everywhere, or even snapping photos of themselves with their cell phones, always in some sort of posed position.  Indeed, this pose, wistful, is of one of the standard repertoire that I have observed, time and again.

That said, it is really a slice of life in modern China, and Xu has captured it so nicely, in this portrait.  While his expertise at realism is demonstrated in his painting of the girl, his sense of composition is shown in the softness of the background, which is also on the ethereal-abstract side, a technique that he prefers.

To see more of the art of Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on line, please, visit the Zhao Qian Xu Page.
  $7,500   40x50cm  
Fighter of the Snow by Dapu 729. Fighter of the Snow, original oil painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min; Ai Min Zhang) 2010

Dapu has recently been moving into a style of abstract impressionism and expressionism, and this painting is a wonderful example of his new repertoire.  The haoniu cattle that can survive the environment of Himalayas and the Tibetan plateau are hardy with shaggy coats, and they must be snow fighters.

It is a beautiful painting of a symbol of life on the modern Tibetan plateau.  The bold excited brushstrokes show Dapu's excitement and how he waned to express and convey his feelings to us.  We appreciate his efforts and we appreciate the wonderful style that he has developed into, lately.

To see more of the works of Dapu (Ai Min Zhang), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please, visit the Dapu Page.
  $750   46x35cm  
Ali in Red, painting by Liang Jun Yan 840. Ali in Red, original oil painting portrait by Liang Jun Yan (2009)

Part of Liang's journeys through the western Muslim and Tibetan Buddhist regions of China was to learn from those in other cultures.  When sitting down and talking with her new found friend Ali, she discovered that sometimes cultures that are very different are much the same. 

Ali, a successful business man, told her that God sets up many challenges for one to experience and overcome before he allows one to be successful.  She immediately recognized the similarities between dragon stories from her own culture.

Liang was so taken by him that she did two portraits: this one with him wearing Red, and face on; another, with him in white, in profile.

To see more of the art of Liang Jun Yan, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please. visit the Liang Jun Yan Pages.
  $800   40x50cm  
Village Apricot Bloom, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang  772.  Guo Jiagou Village Old Apricot Tree in Bloom, original mixed media painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2010)

Loess, fine yellow-brown soil, carried by the winds from Central Asia and deposited over China, provided a basis for early productive farming, in China.  The Loess Plateau, also know as the Huangtu Plateau, is located in Northern China, covering most of Shanxi and Shaanxi Provence, as well as part of Gansu and Inner Mongolia.

In the painting, it is April, and the sun is shining, lighting up the yellow earth and the old apricot tree.  The flowers on the tree were blooming, and the whole old Loess Plateau was brimming with vigor.

We liked the colors, the imagery, and the theme, plus it prompted me to look up loess and learn something new.

To see more of the works of Zhang Zhen Jiang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please, visit the Zhang Zhen Jiang Pages.
  $9,500   109x97cm   
Winter in Hainan by Jin Ming Li 718. Winter in Hainan: original watercolor painting by Jin Ming Li (1980)

Jin Ming Li has been making paintings, all of his life.  Much like other people take photographs of scenes that they like or to create memories, Li has simply painted them, sometimes, on the spot with whatever materials were available, or later from memory.  Many of them, like this one, are small sized, but the small size only serves to make them more precious and to demonstrate the true ability and soul of an artist.  In fact, one of the books of his paintings is dedicated to his collection of these small paintings, and this is one of those included in the book.  The colors are just beautiful.

This one was done three decades ago on a visit to Hainan Island, off the southern coast of China, in the winter time.  Li said that he was so delighted to find that the weather was still so warn, in the winter, and that there were so many birds.  He painted it in an expressionistic style, using pink for the sky to express the happiness that he felt, in such a wondrous place. It is not only a piece of his history but, also, of China's, in that Hainan Island has recently been slated for development, and it will never be the paradise that it was back then.  The colors are just beautiful.

To see more of the works of Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jin Ming Lee Page.

  $1,250   10x14cm  
Naughty, drawing by Tang Hai Guo 809. Naughty Girl, original drawing on paper, mixed media, by Tang Hai Guo

Kids do it.  Babies do it.  And, some older, naughty girls do it too.  Driving around the countryside, in her car, she feels her bladder is about to burst.  So, under the blue skies with puffy white clouds, she makes a little stream of her own, through the fields.  Besides, there's no one around to see.

It is amazing how many kids will come up behind you in a park or other grassy area and take a pee.  Parents pull down the pants of babies to let them pee in the gutter, in the streets of the metropolises.  It is but one of many remnants of an agrarian society being swiftly displaced to metropolitan life.

The fishnet stockings are perfect, too, and many a Chinese girl thinks that her newly acquired but cheaply made fishnet stockings will make her look sexy.  The backless, thick-mid-high heel is a standard, in China, today.

We also enjoy Tang's choice of a more voluptuous figure as his subject.  One of the sculptor's whose work we have in the gallery, Xu Hong Fei, also likes to focus on voluptuous women.  Perhaps, classical beauty is coming into modern Chinese art.

To see more of the art of Tang Haiguo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Pages.
  $600   38x26cm  
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