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Guangzhou (Canton), China
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Catalogue Number Price   Approximate size
(1 cm=0.4 inch)
Lust, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Lust, original figurative painting by Tang Hai Guo (2012)

Contrary to your immediate thoughts, this is not about naked women: they are only symbolic of nakedness.  What Tang wants us to understand is that, these days, greed and the lust for material things have gone very far, in China.  In the past, people may have been slightly subtle, but, today, they are no longer circumspect: their natures have been stripped naked.
  $20,000   150x200cm  
Pig, xiangxiu hand embroidery   Chinese Zodiac Pig, xiangxiu hand embroidery from Hunan, China   $300   20x20cm  
Youth in Contemplation: painting by Jian Bai Xu 104. Youth in Contemplation: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu, 1958

Most of the portraits by contemporary Chinese artists have girls or women as subjects, except, of course, for the unending parade of portraits of Chairman Mao, which are just too kitschy for our taste, so we though it only fair to include at least a few portraits of males.

This portrait not only shows Jian Bai Xu's skill at brushwork, in portraiture, but, also, is a window in time into what was the common style, in China, in the 1950's when it was closed to the rest of the world.  The colors are bright and happy.
  $14,000   37x29cm  
Flying Saucer, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Flying Saucer, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo (2012)   $3,000   100x120cm  
Luminous Water no. 1, painting by Shen Jian Wei   Luminous Water no. 1, original oil painting by Shen Jian Wei (2012)

At first glance you might mistake this for an abstract piece, but it is actually extreme realism of a complex situation.  It is koi (Chinese goldfish) in active water with ripples, reflection and refraction of light.  Shen has perfected the art of painting such complex situations, and this is one of the best of these paintings that we have seen from him. 

He started out painting goldfish because they are lucky, in the Chinese culture, but because he's a perfectionist, he had to make his paintings realistic representations of  of goldfish in the natural habitats.  We just love the outcomes.
Tropical Paradise: Chinese hand-embroidery  180. Tropical Paradise: Xiang Xiu style Chinese hand-embroidered landscape

This scene could be in Florida, Hawaii, California, or any other tranquil tropical getaway with palm trees and quaint cottages.  The blue skies with a few puffy clouds, the bushy gardens, the picket fence and the whitewashed wooden houses make the scene even more inviting and bucolic.  It makes you wish that you were really there, and having this beautiful embroidery piece hanging on you wall will let your mind take you there whenever you look at it.  It was made in the Xiangxiu style at an embroidery studio, in Hunan.  Matted and framed, under glass, as shown, 59 x 47 cm.

To see more of the Xiangxiu embroidery art, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, online, please visit the Xiangxiu Embroidery Page.
  $500   59x47cm  
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Wall_Art Sculpture Chinese Teapots Decorative_Art

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