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Catalogue Number Price   Approximate size
(1 cm=0.4 inch)
Metamorphosis 16, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Metamorphosis series number 16, original oil painting portrait by Tang Hai Guo

In Tang's metamorphosis series, he is pointing to the changes that people undergo because of materialism and greed, which are big problems in modern Chinese society.  Just like a hanger will change its shape when too much weight is hung on it, people will change with the stress that the current society puts on them to earn enough money to live like normal people do, in the rest of the world.

Having gone through the hardships of the great famine of half a century ago and the ravages of the cultural revolution of Mao, the society has been left with collective fear of not having enough and the envy of those who have accumulated so much since those times.  Those things have caused greed to run rampant, but greed changes a person on both the inside and the outside.

To see more of the art of Tang Hai Guo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on-line, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Page.
  $2,000   120x90cm  
Red Peonies, painting by Zhao Qian Xu 706. Red Peonies: original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (2003)

Peonies are the China national flower.  Over the last several years Zhao Qian Xu had been concentrating on painting flowers, although most of the paintings were watercolor.  Thus, this oil painting of peonies is doubly exceptional.  Moreover, most of the flower paintings that Xu has done were focused on the flowers and did not present them, in a scene, on a table, as he has, in this one.

The colors are vibrant with its blues and reds, and we think that it is a very beautiful and thoughtful work.

To see more of the art of Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please, visit the
Zhao Qian Xu Page.

  $7,000   60x60cm  
Soaring Hawks: painting by Dapu 606. Soaring Hawks, original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min), 2009

To see more of the art of Dapu (Ai Min Zhang; Zhang Ai Min), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the
Dapu Page.
  $1,400   80x65cm  
Spring Flood Tide at Guangji Bridge by Hong Bao 765. Spring Flood Tide at Guangji Bridge, original mineral pigment (yan cai) painting by Hong Bao, 2010

Hong Bao is a younger artist who has decided to specialize in an ancient Chinese art: yan cai, or mineral pigment painting.  With paints mixed from minerals, the painting sparkles as the light is caught by the tiny grains of rock that are used for the pigments.  Indeed, yan cai was a lost art, created by Chinese but lost from its artistic tradition.  Fortunately, the Japanese carried this art form over to their culture, centuries ago, and the Chinese were able to bring it back to China, once again, from Japan, more recenlty.

This is a painting of one of the eight famous sights to see, in Chaozhou, in the northeast of Guangdong Province, done in a playful style, in yan cai.

  $3,000   90x120cm  
Hotbed, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Hotbed, original painting by Tang Hai Guo (2012)

This painting, done in early 2012, is a collage of all the corruption and fraud that is modern China.  It has everything from fake meds to sex scandals to the death penalty for the very greedy, about half a hundred, in all, jam packed into one painting.  So, if you are really into social commentary about modern China, don't settle for the old guard of contemporary Chinese art, who are still mocking the Cultural Revolution, 35 years after the fact.
  $13,000   240x100cm  
Returning Home: original  painting by Dapu 177. Returning Home: original oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang) 2007

This is a wonderful scene of a mother and child returning home at the end of the day.  We see them just about to round the corner among ruined buildings and walls in this old rural town, on the border between China's Qinghai province and Tibet.  We can imagine that it is a bright sunny day, in this mountainous region on the back side of the Himalayas, since we see brightly lit building facades.  It appears to be the fall since the trees are bare, and there is an old bird's nest atop the large tree in the foreground.  We can also imagine the harshness of the environment, as buildings and walls are ruined, yet still in use.  This painting is representative of Dapu's art, and he likes it so much that he has put it on the front of a brochure depicting his work, chronicling life in the high-mountain region around northern Tibet, over the last decade.  Even though his mentor, the famous painter-philosopher  Zheng Tian Li (Li Zheng Tian) has tried to convince him to return to the big city and to produce art that is more in line with that which is commercially popular among certain Chinese art collectors, Dapu has chosen to be true to himself and to remain in that isolated region of the world to capture its beauty, in paintings for those of us who appreciate good art, not commercial drivel.  It is a reason that this fine artist has remained relatively undiscovered except by a few collectors from the mainland and Taiwan and by a few galleries, including ours and one in Shanghai.  We appreciate his sacrifice, his genuineness, and the beautiful art that he brings us, and we hope that you will, too.

We have several other paintings by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang), in the Leona Craig  Art Gallery.  To view other works, just click on:
Dapu Page
  $1,700   32x26in

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