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Catalogue Number Price   Approximate size
(1 cm=0.4 inch)
Peonies, painting by Zhao Qian Xu 693. Peonies, original colored ink painting on paper by Zhao Qian Xu

This watercolor is an abstract expression of a combination of Western and traditional Chinese watercolor painting.  The subject is peonies, the national flower of China.  Xu Zhao Qian concentrated on paintings of flowers in the early part of the 2000's, while his latest concentration is studies of old people, one of which recently won him a gold prize.

We have several watercolor paintings of flowers by Zhao Qian Xu, in our collection, but this one stands out because of its pinks and blues: the others are mostly done in yellows and oranges.  We also liked the more abstract presentation of this painting.

To view more of the works of Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian), on display, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the Zhao Qian Xu Page.
  $1,500   60x70cm  
Dressup, drawing by Tang Hai Guo   Dress up, original portrait mixed media work on paper by Tang Hai Guo   $600   38x26cm  
Cattle Herders: painting by Dapu 197. Cattle Herders: Oil painting on canvas by Dapu (Ai Min Zhang), 2009

Called haoniu, in Chinese, these sturdy, shaggy, big-horned cattle are found only in the Himalayas, above 3,000 meters above sea level.  The scene is in the fall when the grasses are turning to hay.  In the center, a Tibetan cowboy rides his horse towards the tent-homestead where a woman greets him.  The Tibetan Plateau rolls through the center of the painting, and mountain ranges frame of the background.

It is a beautiful, colorful scene of life in the Himalayas, reminding me of the colors of some of the early impressionists.

To see more of the art of Dapu (Ai Min Zhang; Zhang Ai Min), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Dapu Page.
  $1,200   72x54cm  
Dancing Mountain; Silver Snake by Jin Ming Li  

Dancing Mountain; Silver Snake, original oil paint by Li Jin Ming (2001) 山舞银蛇 布面油画

Li says he used undercoats to first give the canvas texture.  Then, he used a smooth brush to paint the wall, itself, to give it a feeling of flowing.  Afterwards, he lightly brushed it, here and there with white to use the texture of the canvas to make it look like the mountains were brushed with snow.

It is a sweet painting of the Great Wall and a necessary addition to exhibition of breadth on a number of levels.

To see more of the works by Jin Ming Lee (Li Jin Ming), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the Jin Ming Lee Pages.
  $1,500   30x25cm  
Xiangxiu embroidery 144c.  Watercolor - Xiangxiu Hand Embroidery, Hunan, China    $250    46x39 cm   
Dialogue, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Dialogue, original oil on canvas painting by Tang Hai Guo (2012) 

Tang derives his impetus from the 2oth century German schools.  His animal works are symbolic.

To see more of the art of Tang Hai Guo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on-line, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Page.
  $2,800   100x120cm  
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Wall_Art Sculpture Chinese Teapots Decorative_Art

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