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Note: Some of the pictures displayed in this section come, as shown, framed and matted.  The dimensions are approximate and represent the outer dimensions of the frame, if they are framed.  All prices include shipping to the U.S. or Europe.
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Eating Self Praise: painting by Yi Xing Ma 673. Eating Self-Praise Proclamations: original oil painting on canvas by Yi Xing Ma, 1994-96

This is the third in a suite of four paintings, inspired by Ma's move from Hangzhou to Shanghai, in the mid-1990's.  They are dark, surrealistic, and deconstructed, conveying Ma's feelings at the time.

In this one, Ma expresses his distaste for words and people who engage in self-praise: the self-important people he has met in his world of art, collectors and politics.  He explained to us that, in his view, all living things, great and small, are equal, and there is no cause to be so self-important.  These are just part of the things that Ma was contemplating when he was making the transition fro his old world to the new.  A Shanghai cityscape is demurred in the lower left background.

We offer the entire suite of four paintings for $240,000.

To see the other three paintings in the suite or to see other art by Yi Xing Ma (Ma Yi Xing), included in the Leona Craig Gallery on-line, please, visit the Yi Xing Ma Page.
  $62,500   91x60cm  
Chongqing Memory by Jin Ming Li 634.

Memory of Chongqing, original watercolor painting by Jin Ming Li (1983) 重庆的记忆

When Li visited this part of the old town, in Chongqing, he only had a pen, so, he sketched it in and finished when he got home.  This section of town is called Chao Tian Men, which is hilly, as you can see, is bounded by two rivers, and had an old dock, near this scene.

Li Jin Ming, a student of Xu Jian Bai, was trained as an impressionist but began moving into a more expressionistic style after Deng Xiao Ping opened up China, in the late 1970's, after Mao's death.

We offer several works by Jin Ming Lee (Jin Ming Li), in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  To see our current offerings, just click on: Jin Ming Lee Page.
Pingshi Landscape: painting by Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai) 609. Pingshi landscape: original oil painting on canvas by Jian Bai Xu (1985)

This is one of three paintings of the Pingshi cliffs area in Guangdong Province, in the Leona Craig Gallery.  Two were painted by the artist, and the other was painted by her husband Xue Sheng Tan (Tan Xue Sheng).  In all of them, you can see that the area has dramatic views.

Both Jian Bai Xu and her husband were students of Lin Feng Mian (Feng Mian Lin), who was part of the original Western-style oil painting movement, in China, in the early 20th century, and was part of the so-called Hangzhou School of painting.

For more of the art of Jian Bai Xu (Xu Jian Bai), please, visit the Jian Bai Xu Page of the Leona Craig Gallery on-line.

  $   40x55cm  
Portrait of an Ayi, painting by Tang Hai Guo 814. Portrait of an Ayi, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo 

Ayi, literally, auntie, is the name given to maids, nannies, and even older women, as a sign of your youthful respect.  The Ayi's, in the neighborhood of the gallery, are very protective of us.  When the local retail police were scouring the city, recently, shaking up every store in town, a bunch of Ayi's set up chairs out in front of the gallery and told them to just move along.  Ayi's can be very protective.

How did this cute young woman with pigtails eventually end up as an Ayi?

To see more of the art of Tang Haiguo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Pages.
  $2,300   100x80cm   
Nude no. 4, painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang   Nude no. 4, original watercolor painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2011)

To see more of the works of Zhang Zhen Jiang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please, visit the Zhang Zhen Jiang Pages.
  $600   30x40cm  
Typhoon Coming: painting by Xue Sheng Tan 676. Typhoon Coming: original oil panting by Xue Sheng Tan, 1983 

This is one of two paintings, in the gallery, with this title.  In south China, where some of our artists paint, typhoons are very common.  Of course, typhoons are not unknown in the more northern coastal regions of China, either. In Tan's painting, the waves are coming fast, the sky looks ominous, and the fishing trawler seeks shelter behind a seawall.

As always with Tan, the colors are wonderful and are so apt at impressing the feeling of the scene.

/to see more of the art of Xue Sheng Tan (Tan Xue Sheng), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Xue Sheng Tan Page.
  $19,000   53x38cm  
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