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Catalogue Number Price   Approximate size (1 cm = 0.4 inch) Button
Folk art quad panel: hand-embroidered scenes 137.  Folk Art Quad Panel 1: Xiang Xiu hand embroidered scenes

If what you like is folk art, this four panel piece of Xiangxiu style of Chinese embroidery art illustrates country scenes in a more folksy motif.  Depicted are farmers with their harvests strapped to three-wheel bicycles, as you might see, today, in the countryside of China.  The next panel shows an outdoor picnic scenes.  In the third panel is shown the evening after-dinner get-together, in the backyard of a house, in a village with a snow-capped mountain, in the background.  In the final panel are shown street, food vendors, which are also much a part of life, in China, everywhere, today.  The down-to-earth four scene panel shows a true slice of life in China, in a folk art format that gives it a simple but eternal  appeal.  The bright primary colors give it even more natural charm.

Framed and matted under glass, 45 x 45 cm.

To see more of the Xiangxiu embroidery art, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, online, please visit the Xiangxiu Embroidery Page.

  $200   45 x 45 cm  
That Figure, painting by Tang Hai guo 813. That Figure, original oil painting by Tang Haiguo (2012) 

The animals in Tang's paintings is his brand of symbolism.

To see more of the art of Tang Haiguo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Pages.
  $2,700   120x100cm  
Bicycle Repair Man, painting by Liang Yi Er   Bicycle Repairman, original oil painting by Liang Yi Er (2009)

China has been known as the bicycle kingdom because, even today, bicycles are a common form of transportation, and even three-wheeled bicycles with carriages over the back two wheels are a main method of transporting objects, even in a large modern city, like Guangzhou.  Moreover, people, in China, do many little things as businesses, and little bicycle repairmen can be found in many a nook and cranny of the city, equiped with a few tools, tire patches and an air hose.
  $5,000   60x80cm  
Dawn: painting by Ri Dong Ou 140. Dawn, original oil painting on canvas by Ri Dong Ou

It's just after dawn.  The sun is breaking through the clouds, and a helicopter can be seen, outlined in the clouds.  The sniper has been deposited on the high ground, ready to go about her business.

Ri Dong Ou has done a number of pop culture art paintings in which he puts beautiful Chinese girls in military situations, as snipers or soldiers, stalking though the jungles.  We especially liked this one with its contrasts of the girl, equipped in with sniper gear and attire, yet also made up as if she were ready for a date - could it be a date with destiny?

To see more of the art of Ri Dong Ou (Ou Ri Dong), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Ri Dong Ou Page.

  $6,000   133x130cm
Metamorphosis 14, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Metamorphosis no. 14, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo   $1,600   120x90cm  
Zhengyuan, painting by Li Jin Ming   Zhengyuan Old Town, original watercolor painting by Li Jin Ming (1982) 镇远古城

Zengyuan is a town with a 2000 year history, east of Guizhou, which was originally on the silk road.  Li painted this scene from memory.  He was so taken by the beauty of this isolated town with its houses atop the mountain and the clear water of its river, and he hopes it will be preserved, as it is.

It is done in a light and fun style, yet, it displays such a dramatic scene with a high bridge, houses on the cliffs, a massive stairs from the cliff top down to the water and high mountains, in the background.  Moreover, even though it is an isolated area, it is filled with life with people on the stairs and on the bridge.  The style is more abstract and the colors are brilliant.

We offer several works by Jin Ming Lee (Li Jin Ming), in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  To see our current offerings, just click on: Jin Ming Lee Page.

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