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In the Shade by Jin Ming Li 154. In the Shade, oil on painting canvas by Li Jin Ming  (2000) 林荫 布面油画

This is a scene of simple life in Yunnan.  Itís bright colors are meant to show how the simpler things in life can be so nice.  The colors and style remind me of the paintings that Gauguin did during his time in the South Pacific.  Of course, Li comes from a line of Impressionist artists, having studied under Xu Jian Bai, a student of Lin Feng Mian.

To see more of the works of Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jin Ming Lee Page.
  $1,750   38x26cm  
Sadness, painting by Tang Hai Guo 692. Sadness, original oil painting by Tang Hai Guo

The fast pace of modern life can get people down.  We name it neurotic, blue, depressed, but these are only names and degrees of sadness.  With today's immorality, deception, greed, suspicion, loneliness, forced marriages, authoritarianism, vanity, insecurity, and collusion, in Chinese society, it is easy to understand why a person might be feeling down.  It's simply what the society does to people.

To see more of the art of Tang Hai Guo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on-line, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Page.
  $2,300   120x90cm  
Terra Cotta Warrior: Chinese hand-embroidery  125. Terra Cotta Warrior: Xiang Xiu hand embroidered portrait 

A major archeological find, in China, in the latter half of the 20th century, was the thousands of terra cotta warriors (terra cotta army) found buried with the first emperor of China, Qin Shi Huang, outside Xi'an.  Most of them have been left in the ground as they were found (in fact, the project of uncovering them is ongoing, as the burial site covers a vast number of acres), but this one, kneeling, is actually on display in a glass case at the complex.  This embroidery version, in the Xiangshou style of Chinese embroidery art made in Hunan Province, is done in monochrome because, even though the original terra cotta soldiers were painted, several thousand years of being buried in the ground made them bare, so the monochrome is appropriate.  Moreover, the black background is actually intricately done stitching.  Many people opt for buying small replicas of the warriors, in terra cotta, but now you can have this beautifully-done embroidered version of the kneeling warrior, 81 x 67 cm (with frame).  We've seen the original terra cotta warrior in Xi'an (Xian), and we are amazed by the accuracy of this embroidered rendition (see hyperlink page).  In addition to this hand embroidered portrait of the kneeling terra cotta warrior, you can also purchase cast bronze versions in the sculpture section of the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  You can see more pictures from the burial site of the terra cotta army in the photo gallery of the In Country China section of our website.

To see more of the Xiangxiu style embroidery art, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, online, please, visit the Xiangxiu Embroidery Page.
  $1,100   81x67cm  
Morning in Datan, painting by Dapu (Zhang Ai Min)   Early Morning in Datan, watercolor by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu), 2012

We have a number of works by Dapu, in the Leona Craig Catalogue Gallery.  To view them all, just click on: Dapu Page.
  $1,200   73x52cm  
The Domestic: portrait by Jian Bai Xu 183.  The Domestic: original oil painting portrait by Jian Bai Xu (1958)

Young girls have always been the mainstay of domestic help, no matter what century, no matter what country.  This is a window through time to see what domestic help, in China, the folks, not the gentry, looked like during a time when China was shut off from the rest of the world, in the 1950's.  She has a stern, perhaps untrusting, look, in her eyes, yet her attempt at sternness cannot hide the fact that she is a pretty, young girl, not yet a woman.

She is also wearing what appears to be the traditional female Chinese dress from that era, the Qi Pao Dress.  Her hair is tied back, in a ponytail, a style that is much a part of China, even today.  It is a simple, small but beautiful portrait, done in the mid-1900's impressionist style that Jian Bai Xu displays in many of her paintings.  It is both a slice of life and a slice of Chinese modern art, in the middle of the 20th century, to be hung upon your wall.

Jian Bai Xu is one of the great early-20th century Chinese impressionist artists, trained by Lin Feng Mian of the Hangzhou School.  We offer other paintings by her, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line.  To see more of her work, just click on: Jian Bai Xu Page

  $   28x19cm  
Red-White Ornamental Carp, painting by Ken Shen 800. Red-White Ornamental Carp, original oil painting by Jianwei Shen 2008

In this painting, Shen deals with bubbles and ripples.  Both of these phenomena distort light in sharp turns and includes reflection and refraction, making it a technically intricate work, and, once again, Shen has done a fine job.

To see more of the art of Shen Jian Wei, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on line, please visit the Jian Wei Shen Pages.
  $40,000   150x104cm  
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