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Tibetan Town, painting by Zhao Qian Xu 725. Tibetan Town, original oil painting on canvas by Zhao Qian Xu (2008)

This is the third in a series of scenes from Tibet that Xu made, while traveling, there, a few years back.  Again it is in the more abstract style that he has been experimenting with.  The colors of the sky are dark, contrasted to to the light colors of the buildings: is it really night time or is Xu just using his playful imagination.  The lone woman walking down the street with her dog and the more abstract, ethereal style add to the mystery.

Xu never disappoints in his composition or his evolving style.

To see more of the art of Zhao Qian Xu (Xu Zhao Qian), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please zisit the Zhao Qian Xu Page.

  $17,000   100x100cm  
Reclining Nude, painting by Liang Yi Er   Reclining Nude, original oil painting portrait by Liang Yi Er

With the incipience of China's sexual revolution (they had their cultural revolution when we were having ours) we see a lot of nude paintings by Chinese artists, many of which are much too lascivious.  Of course, we do appreciate nudes that are done tastefully, and who could make a more tasteful nude than a woman?

Here she lays, reading a paper, her hair tied up in the standard ponytail (again, as China is behind in culture, ponytails are still "in").  The soft colors add even more softness to the subject.
  $3,000   50x60cm  
Returning Ship, painting by Xue Sheng Tan 173. Returning Ships: original oil painting on canvas by Xue Sheng Tan (1954)

As an older painting from the middle of last century, this seascape with ships has a true Chinese character.  The ships are the older type called junks, in English (fanchuan, in Chinese), which have sails with horizontal ribs, a distinctly Chinese sail design.  The ships have just returned and there is activity on the boats, on the shore and on the small boats shuttling between the boat and shore.  The painting technique is masterful, like so much of the impressionist-school-inspired art from that period of time, especially as a former student of Lin Feng Mian, and the colors, with yellows and golds mixed with blues, are absolutely stunning.

We offer other works by Xue Sheng Tan (Tan Xue Sheng), in the Leona Craig Art Gallery.  It see other works, just click on: Xue Sheng Tan Page
  $37,000   76.5x52cm call or
email to
details of acquisition and
"Flowers" by Bao Zhao Cheng 167. Fall Flowers: original oil painting on canvas by Bao Zhao Cheng

The is one of two paintings of plants by Zhao Bao Cheng that we have in our gallery.  Cheng is famous for his paintings of flowers, and this one, in a natural outdoor setting (the other is a floral arrangement in a glass pitcher), is quite beautiful.  It is the end of the season, and the stalks, heavy with what appear to be peppers, are bent to the horizontal.  There are also sunflowers, in the foreground, already going to seed.  The weight is made even more prominent as the horizontal garden fills the canvas.  The colors are soothing fall colors of green and orange with a touch of blue, impasto paint gives it a three-dimensional feel, and the brushwork is exceptional, making the picture come to life.  It is no wonder that some of Cheng's larger paintings have gone up at auction for prices in the neighborhood of ten thousand dollars.

We offer several paintings by Zhao Bao Cheng (Cheng Zhao Bao), in the Leona Craig  Art Gallery Catalogue.  Just click on : Zhao Bao Cheng Page

  $1,500   40x32cm  
Golden Harbor by Jin Ming Li  

金色的海港 1986 Golden Harbor, oil painting by Li Jin Ming


This is a smaller study for a slightly larger painting, titled “Morning in Shanwei.”  To Li, it was like a symphony of colors, bustling sights, and sounds.  He tells us that he was contemplating an old Chaozhounese song about two dragons fighting over a dragon's egg.  I especially like the old fan sail boat, and I love the bright expressionistic colors.  The bold brushstrokes also add to the sense of movement, in the scene.

To see more of the works of Jin Ming Li (Li Jin Ming), included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please, visit the Jin Ming Lee Page.
  $2,000   40x30cm  
Company, painting by Tang Hai Guo   Company, original painting by Tang Hai Guo

Tang likes to make portraits of both people and animals.  In this one, like several others, he shows a city skyline, far in the background, a trademark of his animal portraits, which reminds us of how Ma Yixing always fits a skyline of Shanghai into many of his paintings.  The animals are symbols of people, in the city.

Tangs animal pictures are always beyond simple, giving the animals real personality and attitude.  Here, the little pooch has company: kites flying in the sky.  He chases kites. He cases cars. He chases many thing that he thinks can make him happy.  The only way he'll ever catch that kite is when it is broken.  Often, when we catch up to our dreams, the reality is not what we expected. 

To see more of the art of Tang Hai Guo, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery, on-line, please visit the Tang Hai Guo Page.

  sold    120x100cm  
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