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Number 20080925, painting by Zhang Zhenjiang 871. Natural Number 20080925, original mixed media painting by Zhang Zhen Jiang (2008)

The universe is deep, and the earth is wide.  Human civilization becomes brighter and brighter, as a natural progression.  At 21:10 on 2008.09.25, the Shenzhou 7 lifted off on a voyage to space, and the people of China were filled with pride.  However, in the scheme of things, it was only a natural point along the path of human evolution [apparently China doesn't know that Russia and the US have been doing it for half a century], and a miniscule node in the space-time continuum.

The work shows the universe with starts and nebulae, the earth, and a grid of space-time overlaid upon them with 21:10 marked by a red circled X.  The spacecraft is in the lower portion with stylized little men above it.

Zhang's use of numbers in some of his works bridges the ancient Chinese fascination with numbers and our modern digital world.

We thought that it was a fun and thoughtful piece.

To see more of the works of Zhang Zhen Jiang, included in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please, visit the Zhang Zhen Jiang Pages.
  $17,500   100x200cm  
Bathing, painting by Tang Hai Guo 811. Feel So Dirty (The Bath), original figurative oil painting portrait by Tang Hai Guo (2012)

There is a proliferation of counterfeiting and padding, in production of most anything, in China, today.  From fake eggs to fake iPhones, as if that's not bad enough.  Worse still is how greed has driven people to put melamine in milk, sell recycled, dirty cooking oil, and put all sorts of dangerous chemicals, as substitutes in much of the food and medicine that's produced in China.

It could make you feel unclean, like you need to take a bath after circulating among such filth.

We like it for the story and for the figurative style of the portraiture that Tang has developed.  We like it even more because it isn't some skinny girl.  Like sculptor, Xu Hong Fei, whose work we also have in the gallery, Tang has chosen the classical voluptuous woman as his subject in the painting.  Yet, still, she is a modern woman, wearing makeup, with toiletries, body washes and lotions lining her bathroom wall.  Adding a bit of surrealism is that the background is the sky with a few grey clouds floating by.
  $4,000   120x90cm  
Legend of the Tibetan Mastiff, painting by Dapu   Legend of the Tibetan Mastiff, original oil painting by Zhang Ai Min (Dapu), 2012

In some of Zhang Ai Min's recent work, he uses a composite, collage scheme, and we think that this is one of the best of those.  In the center, there is a face of the mastiff; above him, a goddess.  Then, under his face is another mastiff, lying down, represented with very few lines.  At the bottom corner is a mastiff puppy along with three primitive women figures.
  $3,000   80x70cm  
White Poplar Forest: painting by Xue Sheng Tan, 1983 601. White Polar Forest: original oil painting on canvas by Xue Sheng Tan (1983)

This is a striking painting with beautiful colors of blue, green and gold.  The style shows the strong impressionistic techniques and beautiful sense of color that Tan learned, as a student of Feng Mian Lin (Lin Feng Mian) of the Hangzhou School of contemporary Chines oil painting, in the early part of the 20th century.

This painting has won awards and is one of the best that we have seen by Tan or his more famous wife, Jian Bai Xu.

To view more of the works of Xue Sheng Tan (Tan Xue Sheng), on display, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery on-line, please visit the Xue Sheng Tan Page.
  $21,000   15x20in

Moon Beam, painting by Liang Yi Er 861. Moon Beams, original oil painting by Liang Yi Er (2010)

This painting has such deep, dark, rich colors, dominated by dark blues, grays, and blacks.  The moon with the rings of light emanating from it gives the painting a neo-impressionist look, and the yellow of the moon, the brighter blue of the flowers, and the colorful bird bring it to life.
  $3,000   50x60cm  
Nude in Chair by Zhao Bao Cheng 777. Nude in Chair, original oil painting by BaoCheng  Zhao

Flowers on the table and a statue of, perhaps, a nude, on the other side of her, she wears a questioning look.  This is done a the more recent, abstract, sometimes surrealistic style, that Zhao has been working in, in recent years.

To see more of the art of Zhao Bao Cheng, in the Leona Craig Art Gallery online, please. visit the Zhao Bao Cheng Pages.
  $7,000   60x60cm  
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