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Batter up, sculpture by Xu Hongfei 359. Batter Up, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hongfei

With form like that, there's no doubt she will hit that ball out of the park, unless, of course, she misses it.  Either way, this sculpture is great fun, being part of Xu hongfei's chubby series, in which voluptuous women are shown in many action poses, doing all kinds of fun or unexpected things.
  $25,000   22x23x32cm  
Saunter. sculpture by Xu Hongfei 391. The Saunter, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (2010)   $30,000   32x30x39cm  
Autumn Wind, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 364. Autumn Wind, original cast bronze sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (许鸿飞)

As the autumn wind catches her dress, she crosses he legs, demurely, like a cute little girl.  Xu Hongfei thinks that voluptuous women are the most beautiful, graceful, and fun, which is the reason he created his chubby series. 

We love Xu's sculptures for their movement, creativity and detail, and this one is really a fun piece.
  $25,000   28x24x37cm  
Fun, sculpture by Xu Hongfei 367. Fun, original wood sculpture by Xu Hong Fei (2011)

Xu Hongfei thinks that both chubby women and dogs can be fun, so what could be more fun than a chubby woman playing with her cute chubby Pekingese dog with his curled tail?

This one is also available in white marble.
(height not
including base)
Dive, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 393. Dive, original cast bronze sculpture, by Xu Hong Fei (2010)   $30,000   22.5x22.5x41cm  
Tropical Fish, sculpture by Xu Hong Fei 318. Tropical Fish: original chrome and brass sculpture by Hong Fei Xu (许鸿飞), 2003

This is really a lovely, creative, and well-thought-out piece of sculpture.  The angelfish appear to be swimming in the bottom of the ocean with wavy plants seemingly undulating beneath them.  There are four chrome fish and one, in brass.  The sculpture springs forth from a circular chrome base, representing the seabed, measuring approximately 35 cm, and the plants and chrome fish rise up from the base in a very clever manner that makes the fish all appear to be floating in the air, unsupported.  The brass fish is attached to one of Sculptor Xu Hong Feihe plants by means of his fin clipping onto it, and he is actually removable.  The chrome sculpture, itself, is mounted on a circular piece of green marble.  The piece measures over 110 cm high and weighs almost 20 kg.  Hong Fei Xu (Xu Hong Fei) is from Guangdong Province.  He graduated from Guangzhou Art Institute, specializing in sculpture and is currently the vice chancellor of Guangzhou Sculpture Institute.  His sculptures have appeared in solo exhibitions in China, Hong Kong, and France, and one of his sculptures, a heavy woman walking a dog is on permanent outdoor display on Shamian Island, in Guangzhou.  His philosophy about art, much like our own, is that art should be fun and should make you smile.  That spirit is certainly displayed in the piece that we offer here.  The price, shown, does not include shipping.

      110 cm high  
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